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I don't know how often casting a sex-change spell on yourself is a tactically sharp move in a pitched battle with (at that point) eighteen assorted powerful elementals. In some ways it might have even seemed like a poor choice, since the burning-maned lion stuck its scorpion tail through Vae's left forepaw while she ... um, he ... was doing it.

In other ways, though, it was tactically a very adroit move. Getting a giant three-headed three-tailed nendrai on your side is worth quite a bit of pain. Oixe smiled twice, and ripped the scorpion tail off of the burning-maned lion with her other head. "This is very sweet of you, Vae!"

Vae giggled and turned something or other into a huge flaming icicle on top of the elongated spider. She ... um, he ... Vae was presumably trying to spear it, but it bounced off and left the spider sort of dazed. "I'm glad you like it!"

"Let me help you with that!" Oixe's claws sliced half the spider's legs off.

"Oh, thank you so much!" chirped Vae. She produced a big net over a terrifying four flopping winged headless creature that was failing to make much of an impression on Oixe's metallic (metallic!) flank with a spray of poisonous-looking thorns.

"That's quite nice," Oixe said. I think she meant it about the creature itself, not about the net.

I don't feel like describing the rest of the fight again. If you want to know that, read the official report. It took a full ninth of an hour, though the last minute was mostly the two nendrai chasing the bear elemental around -- it could teleport, and it was exceedingly fast. I suppose that Vae had taken my stories about Loukerax to heart. Oixe won, by the way. She killed about two elementals to Vae's one, and rescued Vae rather more often that Vae rescued her.

Then the sky over Vheshrame was quiet, and bits of dead elemental lay scattered all around. Two nendrai landed by the Halflight Gate, and called for me.

"Come out, Sythyry! We need you now!"

I peered out of the gate at them. "You've just shown off about a Holocaust War battle's worth of heavy sorcery for your own amusement and exercise. What could you possibly need a young Zi Ri for?"

Vae chirped, "We're a young pair of cisaffectionate Members of the Same Species on a date! You're our chaperone!"

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