Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Preemptive Rampage [16 Hispis 4262]

"Not that!" hooted Vae. "The later rampage is that for, if I bother at all."

"Well, why are you making all those monsters?" I asked her.

"Oixe! Oixe it is, who is coming for a visit!" she warbled.

"Why does that call for all the monsters?"

"The ... the ... thing it is," she said. "Not sure of the exact word am I."

"Do you know it in the Nice Language?"

She did. "Party game! The party game it is!"

"Could you explain the rules of the game to me?"

"Not a single rule it has! The monsters come rushing at us, blazing, waving sword, pointing horn, shimmering light! The back to the back we stand against the horde! In brave, in together, we destroy them all!"

"So they're for you to fight. You and Oixe."

"The-exactly!" Vae looked very proud of herself.

"Why are you doing it over the city?"

"The showing-off we will make! The great dramatic displaying! The thunderments! The vast lightnings! The big impressiveness for the big entertainment of everyone!"

"Well, right now everyone thinks you're about to attack the city," I said. "That's what usually a monster army flying around overhead means."

"Oh, no! Oh, my goodness!" (I don't know if she has any goodness, but that's what she said.) "Oh, dearie me! The moving I will give them, the moving I will give them, the moving I will give them straightaway!" And she started teleporting around and flicking her creatures with her tail, sending them off ... somewhere.

They didn't seem to like it very much. After the second one got sent off, the rest of them attacked her, en masse. It no longer seemed like a monster attacking Vheshrame, at least. Half the guards at the gate were cheering for the elementals. The other half was paying attention, expecting to be fighting those elementals themselves sooner or later.

Then, next to Vae, the essential world split, like a blossom made of straight claws and curved claws opening, and Oixe popped out. She was rather larger than I had seen her before, and rather more heavily armored physically and magically. Oh, and she had wings, six big wings made of solid brazinion. She looked at Vae getting swarmed by elementals. "And you are still a girl, Vae? And have you cancelled our date then?"

Poor Vae. I think she's been learning her romantic graces from me.

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