Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Nendrai Rampage [16 Hispis 4262]

I am never going to get this Enchantment project done. And today was particularly annoying, since the actual Enchantment was going fine, I just got interruped, seven days through the week.

Ptefshi came charging into the Enchantment room, and pretty much grabbed me and started shaking. "Sythyry! Sythyry! You must come quickly!"

"Why, why?"

"Your nendrai has gone berserk! She is teleporting forward and back over the city, and creating the most horrible and dangerous elementals!"

"She's not my nendrai," I said. At times of utter emergency and nendrai attack, there is nothing more important than being entirely clear on minor semantic points. At least, there's nothing that helps more than that, so you might as well do it if it amuses you, you're doomed anyways. "What are the elementals doing?"

"Circling around and around, over the city. We've closed the gates, and turned on some extra protections," said Ptefshi.

"I'll be there soon, and see if she'll talk to me."

Here are the elementals that I wrote down. There were some more standard ones too.

  1. A seven-headed, seven-legged ostrich, the size of a enraged gazebo and nearly as dangerous.
  2. A giant winged bear (looking rather like Loukerax) armed with a pair of golden clubs (looking rather like chopsticks) and wearing a golden helmet (looking rather like a bowl).
  3. A burning-maned lion with a scorpion tail, striding dangerously on the air.
  4. A winged chalice of water wreathed in lightning bolts.
  5. A carcanofex whose spiral horn is made of flames, and set about with space distortions, so that it was hundreds of feet long and would slither past many sorcerous defenses.
  6. A reflection of light off of ice (with no actual light source or ice to hand) capable of inflicting terrible wounds.
  7. A very big mole armed with a very big glass broadsword and a very big teleport spell.

So, enchantment ruined. City besieged. Still no Orrenfriend.

I looked up at the bear, and up at the nendrai, and shouted, "What are you rampaging about? Those stolen things?"

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