Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Coda [13 Hispis 4262]

We saw hellgrammites at St. Morphodite's Pond, and diving beetles in The Stream of the Yellow Sword, and immature cholliofish in the Zhang-Zhang stream, and hellgrammites and immature cholliofish but not the same species in the Slimy Pond, and all three in the Pond of Curry and Spice. It was all Very Educational, and I'm sure I couldn't have been nearly as close to nearly as many scantily-clad Orrens if I had spent the day studying from the book.

Also, I couldn't have seen Brush-Rush get a hellgrammite up his snout.

And that's about all for that field trips. Except that Moria was waiting for Chelinet when the coach got back to the natural philosophy building. She rather grandiosely captured Chelinet, and towed her off to an early dinner at Candledance.

I flew around and left notes for my co-conspirators that we should try to put the next meeting of the Club of Students Who Love Beyond Their Own Species.

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