Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

[13 Hispis 4262]

Chelinet looked rather angry. "I did not want to hear that."

Me:"Then leave your Rassimel true love alone and go back to dismal short marriages with other Orren!"

Chelinet:"I'm not that much lower class than Moria! After I graduate I'll be about as high as a commoner can go without a title! And she's just barely an esquire! Even if I'm traff I do not have to go to Across Saga!"

Me:"I didn't mean that! I go to Across Saga pretty often! I just meant that you sounded like one of us, to me."

Chelinet:"It's not as if Moria's title means anything. She didn't earn it by going out and saving us all from monsters! She got it from her father! Actually she didn't get it from her father, she just got the right to call herself an esquire even though she's not really one. And it's not like her father did anything really to be that proud of either. He's just the Duke's heroic brave mighty wise wizardly accountant!"

Me:"I don't much like Lord Eddarna either."

Chelinet:"Name me one noble in the city who's earned their title."

Me:"I can't."

Chelinet:"See? There is nothing ..."

Me:"I mean, I don't know what name she's using today. Baron Seeks-something Strenata."

Chelinet:[boggling in mid-rant]"Strenata is a baron?"

So I had to explain how the Duke ennobled her, either to reward her or shake her of her egalitarian tendencies, I'm not sure which.

Chelinet:"She certainly has been keeping that quiet."

Me:"Well. It was in the Howling Horn of Hressh-Huu. That's not so quiet."

Chelinet:"Whatever. That's not the point. What am I supposed to do about Moria?"

Me:"Bring her to the next Association of Students who are Traff meeting."

Chelinet:"Oh... maybe I will ask her. When is it?"

Me:"I'll try to get one for next week sometime."

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