Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Grand Interrogation [13 Hispis 4262]

Me:"Well, she seems a bit ... dare I say it? ... obnoxious. Why do you put up with her?"

Chelinet:"She's not as bad as I make her out as, really. If I told her to stop, she'd stop. That would be breaking up with her.... should I do that? I don't really want to ... are you saying I'm not really traff and should dump her?"

Me:"I'm not saying anything of the sort! Just asking you about her.... and from how upset you sound, you're in no hurry to chase her off."

Chelinet:[sniffling a bit]"No, I'm not."

Me:"Well, why do you put up with her doing that?"

Chelinet:"She's nice when we're in private. And she's fun. And she's rich and powerful. And she's a really good dancer when we're in private. And ... I'm sorry I made her out as so obnoxious. That's just a little bit of her style. It's how it started."

Me:"Quite all right. Do I understand you properly to be saying that Moria has a rather overhanded style of approaching you, but is more reasonable after that?"

Chelinet:"Oh, no, not that. When anyone is watching, she's all superior and upper-class about it. When it's private she's much more relaxed."

Me:"So ... um ... she wants everyone to know that you're her Orren-love, but that it's just a conventional aristo libertine's playing-around really so she's not traff?"


Chelinet:"..., ... "

Chelinet:"..., ..., ... "

Chelinet:"Oh! That's brilliant!"

Me:"That's what I kept trying to get my first Orren-love, but he never would. He was afraid that Someone Would Suspect Something."

Chelinet:"Did anyone?"

Me:"Rather a lot. No matter how he tried to hide it. Moria might get the Suspicion, but at least you can be in public with her."

Chelinet:"If I'm wearing a leash."



Chelinet:"No. But if we're in public, I have to defer to her."

Me:"That sounds awkward. Buy a title?"

Chelinet:"The next time I'm insanely rich for some reason."

Me:"Right. Is Moria dating anyone else?"

Chelinet:"One date with another Rassimel here or there. Nothing to speak of."

Me:"How do you feel when she does?"

Chelinet:"How should I feel? She's a noble, she can do what she likes about that."

Me:"So, jealous?"

Chelinet:"What are you suggesting? That I'm not only in love with her, but ungracious about it?" She sounded a bit angry. But Orren are a lot less intimidating if you're the same size as them.

Me:"I'm not saying you acted bad, just asking how you felt"

Chelinet:"... yes. I'm jealous."

Me:"Right. H'm. If Moria weren't around, who would you be eyeing?"

Chelinet:"I don't know ... I haven't really thought much about it... no."

Me:"Well ... when you fly down the boardwalk ..."

Chelinet:"I, well, I walk."

Me:"Sorry, sorry! Anyways, who do you think looks good? Like, that kind of good?"

Chelinet:(something inaudible)

Me:"You don't have to answer if you don't want."

Chelinet:"... Herethroy ... Rassimel ... "

Me:"I think you could come with me to Across Saga and nobody would doubt your credentials at all."

Chelinet looked rather angry. "I did not want to hear that."

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