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Thanks to all who compelled me to take spelunking! Ghurmanesh Cavern (which is no longer inhabited by ghurmanesh) is quite a sight to see. [A ghurmanesh is the shadow of a lion with no lion to cast it; they are sentient and mighty with fire magic.] You go into a little hole in a hillside, and squirm around through half a mile of tiny muddy little tubes with old tree roots grabbing at your feathers and wishing you had a Sleeth Eyes spell grafted so you could see better, and then the tube dips down and around and down and through a cold waterfall and down and around and you’re glad you can fly instead of clambering and levitating like everyone else in the class, and you come into the Big Old Chamber.

A long time ago, when ghurmanesh actually lived here, they used their extra cley on decorations. The rollward wall is covered with portraits of the people and monsters who were their friends, painted in flames of a dozen colors, and if you fly near them the wind of your passage stirs their flames as if they were fur. (That looks better for furry-faced Rassimel Lord Dorrington than for Seven-stripes the Herethroy next to him, mind you). In the center of the room there are three linked smoke rings, black and green and black again. On the roll’gainst side are some of the ghurmanesh trophies: the eight shadows of a chromodon’s eight heads. The heads themselves have long since rotted away, but the ghurmanesh cut the shadows off and preserved them somehow.

That must have been quite a battle to watch, two of the scariest kinds of monsters beating each other up in a magical hate-match of a duel, leaving the chromodon and half the ghurmanesh dead, with the primes doing their best to look serious and just as if they hadn't. And two years later Vheshrame city was founded a couple miles away, and that would be the beginning of the end of the ghurmanesh living in the area. I don’t know when exactly they left, or how.

Anyways, the trip was all great fun. Except that next time I shall ask Flooosh to pack me an Orren-style lunch. The sandwich she made didn’t do all that well going through the waterfall.

In other news, Dustweed is blue. And covered with stars. Tethezai somehow talked zir into being her subject for a Non-Mammalian Decorating class this term. It’s quite remarkable… Dustweed actually almost looks slightly pretty, if you can imagine that. Thery made the mistake of mentioning that to zir, and zie just scowled and looked very sad. I do not understand Dustweed.

Ah, well. Time to go get books to read and beetles to eat and beverages to drink… um … some other b_____’s to _____. Suggestions for the fourth b___ appreciated!
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