Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

A Discourse on the Nature of True if Wholly Perverted Love [13 Hispis 6]

Chelinet:"Moria seduced me with brandy and spiced butter ... what? five weeks ago now? Six?"

Me:"I wouldn't know."

Chelinet:"Well, I'm glad it didn't make the Howling Horn of Hressh-Huu! Anyways. I'm not really of a rank to take an other-species lover. I mean, my parents are important servants in the Ducal palace, and people like us get taken as lovers by nobles when they want ... I mean, now and then. Moria's the right rank, she's been an Esquire since she was three or something. Her father's a, you know, lord. They have apartments in the ducal palace ... they mostly live at their own home, but sometimes they're in the palace. It's not the first time she's seduced me." She started twisting her tailtip and wincing.

Me:"You don't need to be so embarrassed. I, too, am in Across Saga. "

Chelinet:"... what?"

Me:"That's the traff cafe downtown. I sometimes go there a lot. I mean, I'm traff, everyone knows I'm traff, the duke has teased me about it, and I like mammals which is a lot more shameful than a mammal liking a mammal. And lots of my friends are traff -- like a Cani who lives with her Sleeth boyfriend. I don't think there's anything you're going to say that will shock or bother me much."

Chelinet:"Well. We've had an on-again off-again affair for, I don't know, since we were sixteen or eighteen. She'd drag me into a linen closet or something and ... do things that don't shock or bother you too much ... about maybe every month or two. Like about three days running. Then Lord Eddarna would Begin To Suspect and she'd go out and get a Rassimel boyfriend and within a week do something that made Eddarna demand that she dump him. She usually did."


Chelinet:"She fell in love once and stayed with her boy for, what? four years, I think. She did cheat on him with me once in a while, about every three months, not that I was really counting."

Me:"So she's your secret childhood sweetheart?"

Chelinet:"No ... That's Riverweasel. I married him last year, we got divorced a few months later. Moria picked me up right after he dropped me."

Me:"That still sounds rather sweet. It sounds as if she was waiting for you, from that."

Chelinet:"She says she wasn't. She says that she was just putting me in my place ... I'm going to be higher-class than my parents. Not noble, but a Vheshrame Academy degree counts for a lot in the palace. So she said that she was making a point that she could have me whenever she wanted."

Note for monsters: Yes, the rich, noble, and powerful can often seduce the not so rich, not so noble, and not so powerful. For that matter, the pretty, smart, or athletic can often seduce the not so pretty, not so smart, or not so athletic. This is Perfectly Normal and Nothing To Be Worried About. An esquire certainly can't "have a [medium-status commoner] whenever she wanted." I'm an esquire too, and you know how much trouble I have getting dates.

Me:"Can she?"

Chelinet:"Apparently so. Now she doesn't even need a linen closet to hide me in."

Me:"Does she?"

Chelinet:"Three times on good weeks, two on less good ones. Plus she's been over for dinner and studying quite often without, um, that."

Me:"What about in public?"

Chelinet:"She's friendly, she's polite. She's not grabby or anything."

What do you think so far?

True Love
True Lust
Love of Convenience
Lust of Convenience

What else should I ask about?

Does Chelinet have The Traff?

Yuck, get her away from me!

What advice should I give her based on what you've heard so far.

She's high enough class to get away with it for a while, but don't fall in Big Love.
Seize the Rassimel
Traff isn't worth it, so stay in your own species.

Does Moria have The Traff?

No, The Libertine.

What advice should I give Moria (if I ever talk to her) based on what you've heard so far.

Get a different father.
Embezzle lots.
Be Nice
Wear a Funky Brazinion Coronet If You're So Noble
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