Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Right Question [13 Hispis 4262]

Lunchtime started off insanely promising.

Chelinet:"Sythyry, want to come sit by me at lunch, at some remove from everyone else, so that they can see us but can't really hear what whe're talking about?"

Me:"Oh yes yes yes yes! I'd be glad to."

Chelinet:"Now that we are here, and speaking in very low voices as well, as we eat our herring rolls and noodle sandwiches, may I ask a somewhat possibly perhapsically difficult question?"

Me:"Oh yes yes yes yes! Certainly; what is troubling you?"

Chelinet:"You, um, ... you're the president of the, well..."

Me:"Transaffectionate Student Association?"

Chelinet:"Yes, that."

(Me, privately: Oh yes yes yes yes yes!)

Me:"No, just the most organized organizer. Which isn't saying very much, it's only met once. "

Chelinet:"Well... are there going to be any more meetings?"

That seemed to call for some well-placed boasting. I may be traff, but I am an Official Vheshrame Ambassador and catspaw of the Duke!

Me:"I have been a bit negligent about them. I've been spending too much time with the Duke and the Legeriat."

Chelinet:"... really?..."

She sounded impressed. I explained a bit. She sounded impressed but nervous. I let her continue.

Chelinet:"Will there be more meetings, though?"

Me:"I hope so! Fairly soon. My life is calmer now, what with the Legeriat not accusing me of anything this week, and my girlfriend having left me." (I'm exciting! I'm important! I'm available!)

Chelinet:"Well.... They say that you can tell if someone is transaffectionate by looking at them. You can, I mean. If you're transaffectionate yourself."

Me:"I have the honor to be transaffectionate myself, indeed ... but I can't tell by looking, not reliably. I can recognize a few clues here and there."

Chelinet:"... am I, do you think?"

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