Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

[13 Hispis 4262]

We explored Lake Sri Igor St.-Joustiphontane Cointrau Highly Telepathic Singh High Duke. We saw squallywrex eggs and water beetles (chapter 4). We saw an axe-turtle, and Prof. Oolumb coaxed it to unfold and sit in his hand (chapter 7). We saw a tulous jay in nymph form, which is unusual this time of year (chapter 13). We saw some mud-ants performing territorial displays (chapter 9). I crashed into a lot of Orren, because I don't actually swim very well.

Then back to the two carriages for two-and-a-half carriagefuls of students. Now that there was one more Orren-sized person, there was no chance of fitting everyone.

"OK, who's going to stay wet?" asked Prof. Oolumb, looking fiercely at me.

"I'm the one who confounded the count, and I'm plenty used to looking up at lots of large people," I said.

"Good. Into the carriage with you all! We have an assignation with a minor tributary to Offelette River!"

So, I stayed in water-form while everyone else went back to regular Orren size, and they squeezed into the carriages, and I clambered into Chelinet's lap and curled up on Brush-Rush's leather cloat to keep Chelinet's lap from getting wet, and we headed off.

I'm not a real Orren.

Real Orren can get into water shape with the slightest hint of water, and stay there as long as they're the least bit wet.

I'm not a real Orren. I've never tried controlling the waterform transformation before. I don't know where to begin, really.

A ninth of an hour into the ride, I was, without at all intending it, a full-sized naked Orren girl lying across the laps of five rather squozen Orrens. With my face firmly planted in Prof. Oolumb's lap, yet.

I don't really want to record the next couple minutes. They were predictably embarrassing, humiliating, awkward, and downright painful in the knees-and-elbows-in-the-wrong-places way, for me and a few other people.

We got everyone out of the carriage. "OK. Sythyry, I don't suppose you could turn back to a Zi Ri?" But no, the spell just allows one transformation, and I don't have enough cley to cast it as many times as we'd need.

"Well, the Zi Ri Orren had better stick with land shape. Anyone else willing to ride in water-form? Who's good at staying that way?"

Brush-Rush and Frirri volunteered. Brush-Rush quite nicely lent me his clothes. So we rode on to the tributary more comfortably, with me wedged next to Chelinet, with two wet Orren on a leather coat in my lap. There are worse fates.

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