Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

[12 Hispis 4262]

Vae:"Hiio! And did you get the Orren of your desiring?"

Me:"Hi there. No. I was too busy beating Cani off with a stick." I got her to take the spell off me. Which left an arken tree smelling like a receptive Cani woman. If the tree has any trouble with it, it can negotiate with Vae itself.

Vae:"And why Cani?"

Me:"Do you know what you made me smell like?"

Vae:"The appealing smell, you asked for. The smell I picked came from the book you gave me -- Swimming With Catafishie its title."

Me:"That's a children's book, a pastorale sort of thing about a fat studious Rassimel boy with who somehow makes friends with an Orren riverbum child, and learns Important Lessons about the Meaning of Things and about Enjoying Life and such as that."

Vae:"And is that what it is about?"


Vae:"Oh! Not a bit do I know that!"

Me:"Unless there's some other Swimming With Catafishie book you've been reading."

Vae:"Not another one, I only have the single one, it is enough."

Me:"I don't know that there is a single Cani in the book. I'm quite sure there wasn't a Cani woman about to receive her lover in it."

Vae:"Maybe, maybe not! The attractive smell certainly came from it though!"

Me:"It very much was not a smell from a children's book!"

Vae:"The 'nother look must I take." A double blossom of curved and straight claws closed around her and she was gone. In a moment she was back, holding the book. "Oh! The very nice book about the Rassimel study-boy with the Orren swimming friend is this!"

Me:"Well, yes, it is."

Vae:"The big sorrow is on me! I thought it was about the Cani woman with the Orren swimming friend, that you would like since you're a grown-up lizard!"

Me:"I've never seen a book like that, and I certainly haven't given you one."

Vae:"Oh, Not a bit of need there is of that. The book I had read, and enjoyed, and wished to read again and enjoy again. The other book I smudged together with my remembering of it, and that way I could read it fresh again."

Me:"Um ... Vae? Did you just tell me that you use mind magic to distort your memories of the book, so you could read it for the first time a second time?"

Vae:"The second and third and fourth and fifth and sixth!"

Me:"But that's mind magic."

Vae:"The primes are so fussy about mind magic! The harm of my spell is none -- just on me it was, and not a bit did I disagree with the casting of it!"

There's no arguing with her about Mentador. I've mostly persuaded her not to use it on primes, when she has any choice, and that's about all I'll get.

Me:"So one memory of the book was as some Cani pornography?"

Vae:"The yes, the yes. "

Me:"Where did that even come from? I haven't given you any."

Vae:"I don't know! Another book somewhere?"

Me:"Do you read Cani pornography?"

Vae:"Not a word of it! Also nobody writes any nendrai pornography that I can find. The need to know what to do will be on me in a year or two. The hatred of ignorance is on me now!"

Me:"Pornography isn't the most important part."

Vae:"Not a bit of nendrai romance is there to find either."

Me:"So you ... no, you don't read Cani pornography either. What did happen?"

Vae:"Oh, I told a chwiliant, a sentient searching-spell, to go and read a prime book. Then I used a camgoviant to mix the chwiliant's memories with my own. Then I read the Swimming with Catafishie again. Five times!"

Me:"That's ... not a good idea, is it? With all that Mentador?"

Vae:"The fine idea it is! The every time there is no trouble. Except this time. The forgetting I had of which book the real book it was. The wrong appealing-to-Orren smell did I give to you."

Me:"But how did you even know what that smells like?"

Vae:"The quick chwiliant, the spell looking for it, to bring its scent to my tongue. Not so careful was I then ... your refusals to accept help had made me all frantic. The thinking sensibly is so hard, when that happens."

It's cute when Orren do it. Nendrai, not so much.

Me:"Do I need to bring you more books, so that you don't have to do ... that?"

Vae:"The spells are to enjoy the good book many times. The more books, the better, yes, but only if you bring me bad books that I do not enjoy once and do not want to enjoy again will I not try to re-read them."

Me:"Here ... have some poptaloops and some candied snails. No books today. I'll bring more next time." I turned away, so she could ~enjoy~ them in private.

And we said our goodbyes, and I flew back home (safe again! Yay!). Kaim-Su scolded me about not embezzling properly. I'm mostly glad enough to get back without another attempt at being helped.

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