Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Ragged [10 Hispis 4262]

Rhedwy:"Good morning, Sythyry. You wear so much perfume, I can smell you all the way from Oorah Thrassen."

Me:"Well, some days I need that much to be socially acceptable, wouldn't you know."

Rhedwy:"Not so, Sythyry! That much perfume is not socially acceptable. Even a Khtsoyis faints from it!"

Me:"Yet another reason why we are fortunate not to have any Khtsoyis in the class."

Esory:"Rhedwy's right. It is awfully strong."

Me:"No offense intended!" I had forgotten that Esory prefers Khtsoyis.

Esory:"None taken. But, um, we've a ninth of an hour before dawn. Could you wash a bit of that off?"

Me:"Well ... I'd rather not. Vae did something rude to me."

Rhedwy:"Vae leaves you smelling like you are at your most receptive. So you add enough cheap perfume to smell like the group of nineteen cheap strumpets. This leaves everyone who can smell even more certain about your position."

Irigatur:"Which is 'on your back, legs spread', from the sound of it."

Rhedwy:"Maybe 'chest on ground, rump up, tail off to the side.' Sythyry is the quadruped, like me."

Me:"I'm a far more elegant quadruped than you, Rhedwy."

Rhedwy:"So elegant! You are the too small for me quadruped, though. This is the only reason I do not try you when I am on heat."

Me:"That, and I'd refuse you."

Rhedwy:"You smell like that: you are not in a position to refuse anyone."

Me:"I hate my job."

Esory:"I hate your perfume. Please can we open a window?"

Prof. Alzagond:"I will open the window. You will get to your tables, now, or you will miss dawn."

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