Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Sympathy for the Dragon [9 Hispis 4262]

Codicil to Previous Entry: Yes, indeed, emotional manipulation is exceedingly effective. But there is a price. You cannot persuade Vae that you are sympathetic and needy without risking her trying to help. Today, at least, she was calm and contemplative about it.

Vae:"And what spell would be the best for you, do you think?"

Me:"How about no spells?"

Vae:"Not a single spell? The trying I shall do of that!"

Me:"Oh, excellent. Then I won't need to have The Conversation."

Vae:"Not The Conversation please!"

So we spoke of other things for a while -- mostly about whether Oixe would be a suitable consort for Vae. In brief, the answer is that neither of us has any idea, but in the ordinary course of events she wouldn't spend a lot of time with Oixe in any case. Just a few intensely romantic encounters now and then ... where by "romance" we must include "acts of violence which would kill three mighty Gormoror heroes".

And then Vae wrapped me in her tail. "And what spell would help you in your loneliness now?"

Me:"No spells, actually."

Vae:"Oh, the right, no spells."

So I gave her her presents of the day (a small pottery cup and some drowsy-making herbal tisane), and forgot to get stuff to embezzle, and flew off for home.

And of course the monster was blocking the way to the Halflight Gate.

Vae:"The apology! The spell for you, I forgot it!"

Me:"I didn't want a spell."

Vae:"I know, and I don't want to give you one, but what can I do?"

Me:"Um ... teleport home for long enough for me to get into the gate?"

Vae:"There's a huge sorrow on me, but not a bit can I do that."


Vae:"The spell I am going to give you, and soon. If you choose quickly I think I can give you one you choose."

Me:"How about a really good fireproofing spell?" Which, presumably, nobody would notice unless I started cuddling with the seven-winged burning thing, or someone looked at me with much magic sense. So it'd be safe.

Vae:"And will that help you find an Orren to love you?"

Me:"No, not really."

Vae:"Sythyry, please, I know you don't want a Mentador spell, and I can't keep from giving you something for much longer."

Me:"Oh ... then ... make me smell appealing I guess."

Vae looked greatly relieved. "The appealing smell I can do! The reasonably safe that sounds like, too." So she tapped me with her tail. "There's a great sorrow on me, but I couldn't help it. And shall I stay for The Conversation?"

Yes, she did, not that either of us expect it to do any good anymore.

The Outcome

Anoof:"Who's the lucky Cani girl?"

Me:"Um ... either Enziet or Narngi, I suppose."

Anoof:"You seduced either my fiancee or my ex-fiancee, but are not sure which one?"

Me:"Not that I noticed. Oh, no. Do I smell like I did?"

Anoof:"Specifically, you smell like you ..." He sniffed closely, and wagged his tail a lot. "No, you don't smell like you did. You don't smell like yourself at all. You smell like you are a Cani woman about to receive her lover."

So, not only won't it help me get Orren (since they can't really smell it), I also have to watch out for Cani. Which is better than, say, getting lynched because I have a mind control spell which rapes every Orren nearby. (I'd lynch me, if I had that. Or at least stay out out of town.)

And I'm not really angry at Vae this time. Annoyed with myself for not leaving when she managed to not to do anything the first time, viz. when it was still safe.

Still ... I hate my job.

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