Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

On Swearing Off Orren Forever [10 Hispis 4262]

Me:"Good morning, Raom!"

Raom:"Oh Hullo Sythery! Oh! What are you having for breakfast?"

It was only in the Buttery, of course. Not in the Lightly Scaled Refectory at Quelldrie House, or anything that might have connotations of greater delights.


Raom yawned. "It's much too early for lunch. It's awfully early for breakfast even but the Buttery stops serving breakfast fish in about a third of an hour and I barely managed to get here in time except by running all the way from Pornado street!" He sounded like he was still in a bit of a Wild Rush, which is officially listed as Dangerously Cute for Zi Ri in the student handbook.

Or at least it should be. The student handbook actually does mention Wild Rushes, but just to explain how you calm the Orren down. (Step 1: Do not shout frantically 'Calm down, calm down or we'll all die!'. Step 2: Do not hurl the Orren off the edge of the world, no matter how much it may seem like a good idea at the time. Step 3: Only use brandy if you can persuade the Orren to drink it; it doesn't help if the Orren chokes on it.)

Me:"What's breakfast fish? Perhaps I should tell Jarmiet to get some."

Raom:"Jarmiet is your girlfriend?"

Me:"Oh, not a bit so. I'm far too single at the moment. Jarmiet is the maid at Quelldrie House. She cooks breakfast for us too sometimes."

Raom:"Oh! Well. Breakfast fish a la Buttery is small cod in butter and peach juice. It's pretty good! It's worth a run across campus for."

I've tried it. It's insipid. Most of the food at the Buttery is overcooked because they cook it in the kitchen and then keep it warm until people come and eat it. Peached cod comes out of the kitchen overcooked.

Me:"Well, and you're certainly a zoomy quick Orren."

Raom:"So what's your breakfast Sythery?"

Me:"A poptaloop, some shaber cheese, and kathia."

Raom:"That's not very much!"

Me:"I'm just a Zi Ri!"

Raom:"I think you'd get hungry from all that flying and breathing fire."


We paid for food, and took a table together.

Me:"What are your plans for today?"

Raom:"Study of Differences in two-thirds of an hour, and History of the Time of Creation. Hey, Sythery, what really happened with Blyn's Truce?"

Me:"I don't know! I haven't had that course yet."

Raom:"Oh, the Zi Ri weren't created until later...?"

Me:"I sure wasn't. I'm maybe a year older than you."

Raom:"That's all? But you're a Zi Ri!"

Me:"We've got to start somewhere!"


But after a while I tricked him into asking me what I was doing.

Raom:"Now that I have been sufficiently tricked, what are you up to, Sythery?" (You didn't think I actually remembered all my conversations word for word, did you?)

Me:"Well, usually I'd have Enchantment at this hour, but the Duke made me come to the Legeriat in the morning, so I lost the week's work and have it off. I don't have classes today, but I've got to get some trinkets for the nendrai... oh, and figure out how I can get something expensive from her."

Raom:"The Duke made you skip Enchantment?"

Me:"Pretty much, yes."

Raom:"Is that usual for Zi Ri?"

Me:"I don't know! I've never met another Zi Ri my own age."

Raom:"Oh, really?"

Me:"It's OK though. I don't just date Zi Ri."

Raom tittered gigglishly.

Me:"But it's been rather a heavy week for me, even skipping the Enchantment classes." I explained about, oh, the treason trial and ~fighting~ the nendrai and all.

Raom:"Oh! That's quite a week! I've got to go to class right now!"


Raom:"Byeeeeeee!" He zoomed out of the room at in a Wild Rush again.

I was trying to impress him. I sort of think I scared him off though. And I still don't know if he's traff or anything.

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