Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Not Sleeping Late [6 Hispis 4262]

The City Guard's inspectors showed up the next morning.

Ptefshi:"Sythyry ... goodness gracious, but what did you do to the Legeriat?"

Me:"Told them the truth about Vae."

Ptefshi:"... and? ..."

Me:"Well, I wasn't terribly polite about it."

Ptefshi:"Well. We're here to investigate reports of your possession of excessively powerful magic."

Me:"Investigate away!"

Khyrrain:"What excessively powerful magic do you have?"

So I told them about the Eye of Mirican and Melizan, and the seven-winged burning thing.

Ptefshi:"Is that all?"

Me:"I've got a water-creating pitcher and a levitation tether I made in Enchantment I and ... II? III?"


Me:"Oh, I did lie to the Legeriat though."

Ptefshi:"Oh, dear, Sythyry."

Me:"I have a few cosmetic items too."


Me:"Well, Zi Ri don't usually have feathers on their wings. At least, I don't, without some help."

Ptefshi:"Sythyry? You can make this investigation more annoying for us if you like, but that will make it more annoying for you too. We're not here because we think it's a good idea."

Me:"... right ..." I know Ptefshi and Khyrrain somewhat from City Guard things. They are generally worthwhile people.

Ptefshi:"So, may we investigate your person and premises by magical means?"

Me:"Do you have to report my stash of stolen Zi Ri / Orren pornography?"

Khyrrain:"Ptefshi reads it all to check for the important diplomatic secrets!"

Me:"... technically, it is a diplomatic secret."

So I had to explain how I came to be in possession of a stash of pornography stolen from the Daukrhame Embassy.

Ptefshi:"How about not making any more jokes, Sythyry?"

So I rather humorlessly let them inspect me and Quelldrie House, by physical as well as magical means. (Because of course Illusidor spells are very hard to detect magically, and any information spell might fail to notice anything some one time in twenty.)

Me:"So, am I innocent of ... um ... being actually capable of doing my job?"

Ptefshi:"Well, we didn't find anything, and we'll report that you were cooperative and apparently truthful. I doubt that Kaim-Su will find the situation particularly menacing. As for Darsues in the Legeriat, I cannot predict."

Sympathetic Beast [6 Hispis 4262]

Vae:"Sythyry! The worry was on me, from how late you are!"

Me:"I'm sorry, Vae. It's been a horrible day or two."

Vae:"The woe! Are you in love, and crushed?"


Vae:"Is your city being invaded by burrowing nrex yet?"

Me:"No ... yet?"

Vae:"The wall still thwarts them."

Me:"Oh, dearie."

So I had to ask a lot more questions about that. Which required more payments than I had -- I had to fly back into the city to pick up a box of almond cakes and a skewer of grilled shrimps, and a pair of cute pink and purple paper earrings. The earrings were a hit. Vae gave herself a pair of very big flappy ears to attach them to. And told me about where the nrex were digging, and what they were doing. That's in my official report.

Vae:"And still you do not explain your sorrow!"

Me:"Do I have to?"


She squeezed off a little bit of the universe to be her private torture chamber.

Me:"Vae, please put me back in regular space."

Vae:"Not a bit so. And you must explain your tardiness and unhappiness!"

Me:"I'd really rather not."

Vae:"And am I the source and focus of your sorrows?"

Me:"No, not really."

Vae:"The help I shall therefore give you, by which you may conquer them!"

Me:"Please don't!"

Vae:"Not a single situation exists which cannot be improved by mighty and subtle Mutoc spells!"

Me:"Do I have to give you The Conversation again?"

Vae:"Not now! After I have helped you!"

Me:"... right ..."

Vae:"The full explanation you must give me, immediately!"

Me:"I'd really rather not."

So she turned an arken leaf into a sort of biggish beetle insect thing about half my size, with very large pincers. "The full explanation, or the biting by this insect!"

Me:"Are you really going to torture me into telling you how you can help me?"

Vae:[whiny]"Not encouraged to use Mentador magic I am, already! Not so effective is torture, but the Mentador lecture I will not risk!"

Me:"That doesn't even make sense. If you want to do something good for me, torture will make it bad for me."

Vae shouted or wailed, "Not a bit must you criticise me when I am being the helpful one!" And she threw the beetle at me, very hard, with a spell on it to make sure it hit. There was a lot of cracking when it hit, and it hurt quite a lot.

Being the extremely clever and resourceful and mighty adventurer that I am, I responded by coughing up some blood. Which was actually a tactically very successful move, as well as a very accurate expression of my feelings.

Vae:"Not that! Sythyry, you're hurt!"

Me:"Yes, you just broke my ribs with a beetle."

Vae:"The horrible is this!"

Her healing spell hurt more than the beetle.

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