Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Three Sythyrys in one day!

Bear[d]ing the Monster [3 Hispis 4262]


Me:"Hallo, Vae. How are you?"

Vae:"The bit of a fret I have on me, Sythyry."

Me:"I'm sorry to hear that. Is it about your bowl and chopsticks?"

Vae:"The yes, the very yes."

Me:"Tell me what happened?"

Vae:"The second day of the week is when I eat an egg from that bowl. The white wine for poaching it, too."

Which is entirely understandable. I gave Vae a book titled Rather Regular Rhoonef, about a Cani girl who wanted to do exactly the same things every day of the week. Rhoonef either Comes to a Bad End or is Disabused of her Ridiculous Fancies, depending on which kind of a children's book it is. I haven't read it in twenty years, and I don't remember so well. Anyone who grew up around here can recite the nine different breakfasts by heart, though: (1) toast and caterpillar jam; (2) egg poached in babywine; (3) porridge sprinkled with dried fish; and so on for two more rhyming triplets.

Me:"Do you do the whole Rhoonef cycle of breakfasts?"

Vae:"Not all; there's no caterpillar jam with me."

Me:"Want some?"

Vae:"And is it good?"

Me:"I don't like it."

Vae:"Not, then. The different jam you must bring me." In case you were wondering about the physical basis for our relationship.

Me:"I'll add that to my list."

Vae:"The peering-about I made, and ... " She started crying, with jagged bits of glass wrecking her eyes from the inside. If I cried like that, I would try not to cry so often. I do not really like the nendrai attitude towards mortal injuries.

Me:Comfort, comfort, what the snurgling feck rackle are you crying about anyways?

Vae:"And will Oixe respect me if a Gormoror brute steals my bowls? And will anyone?"

I comforted her about the head with a big spiky mace. (I have obviously been spending too much time with Gormoror and nendrai -- I shouldn't even think of a metaphor like that.) More specifically, I pointed out that:

The Situation Vae's Response (summarized)
They probably wouldn't even know it. They'll find out somehow.
They care about her for herself, not stupid little incidents. Are you under the misapprehension that we're some nicey-nicey poodlemorph Cani or something?
Well, they'd care about her for her power levels and combat prowess. Oixe handed me my ass when we fought.
OK, they'll care about how effective you are when you're full-grown and not all begoggled by meeting another nendrai the same age. You really don't understand nendrai at all, Sythyry!
No, I really don't have a clue about nendrai. Except that I know a whole lot about what primes know about you, like I took a class in it. Ťãỉł℉ℒįĉķ
No, I don't want those giant waves of effulgent radience flowing out of my crest... This is interesting information which I will cherish later.
... please? ... Bring me caterpillar jam.

I hate my job.

(But at least she's not rampaging.)

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