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I had to explain to some classmates what had been going on. There was not sufficient time or brandy to do so after class. So we went to a new restaurant for lunch -- "Cafe Potoftea" -- expecting to have tea and sandwiches or something.

But no, it's on Potoftea Street. It doesn't serve tea. Or sandwiches. It is a Herethroy restaurant, and serves beer and salad and porridge and traditional Herethroy vegetable rolls.

Me:"Fine by me."

Esory:"Me, too."

Rhedwy:"I buy a wudgeon from the excellent butcher shop we pass on this block. You get a table on the terrace. I eat this wudgeon next to your table."

Irigatur:"Wonderful. Salad for lunch, and bones being crunched on the side."

Rhedwy:"It is very important that you eat salad for lunch! You are far too plump as it is."

Irigatur:"I am not plump. I am well-rounded."

Rhedwy:"When I get a wudgeon of your body-type, I say it is plump. And I go to do so!"[stalks off]

Irigatur:"So, shall we ditch the Sleeth?"

Esory:"That would be rude, and unkind."

Irigatur:"Manners don't count, with Sleeth. And kindness? They don't even know the word."

Esory:"Manners count with me, and I know the word."

Irigatur:"You're sometimes just a bit over-fussy."

Me:"I agree with Esory, and I don't even like the Sleeth very much."

Irigatur:"Nobody likes a Sleeth. They're horrid."

Me:"They're prime."

Irigatur:"So are Khtsoyis, and I won't eat with them either."

Me:"I've eaten with worse. Yesterday."

Esory:"Which obligates you to tell us about it."

Me:"When we're at a table on the terrace, with a Sleeth at our side."

Irigatur:"Well. It had better be a good story."

Me:"It's got insane Gormoror and insane nendrai."

Irigatur:"We have come to expect the insane nendrai."

Me:"Well, today I've got two of them."

Irigatur:"I think I see why you want to cultivate the Sleeth's acquaintance. When your life becomes impossibly complicated and doomed from all these wildings and chaos monsters, Rhedwy will bless you with the coup de grace and set you free."

Esory:"Don't be horrid!"

So, we had lunch. I had an appetizer of rolled spicy leaves stuffed with creamed greens and mushrooms, battered, and deep-fried. It was quite good, actually, even if I think I ate enough greens today to be a very nice aqua color. Esory had some grain and mushroom croquets in a chocolate-tomato sauce, which was really good -- I begged two bites off of her. Irigatur had basic plue and tarrissy. Irigatur's latest wife Graha walked by while we were waiting, and joined us, and had sauteed root vegetables and deep-fried other root vegetables and steamed other other root vegetables with some tangy sauce. Rhedwy got her wudgeon, as promised.

They were suitably amused and horrified by my story. Not enough to buy me lunch, of course.

Esory:"I think you need a vacation, Sythyry."

Me:"I think I don't get one. I think I need to calm down an upset nendrai pretty soon."

Irigatur:"I think I need to stay in the city for a while!"

Rhedwy:"I think you need to stay in your chair for a while."

Irigatur:"Why is that?"

Rhedwy:"Because, if you move, even more people are able to see where Graha's hand is."

Orren are so cute when they're in a Wild Rush. I really need to date another Orren soon.

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