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Aftermath [27 Trandary 4262]

We moved Enziet's belongings to the boardwalk. By "we" I mean "all the big people in Quelldrie House, plus Havune, plus Yarwain, plus the Countess Levande." (Levande was stopping by for her lactation spell, and stayed to pack clothes for Enziet. It is not ordinary in Vheshrame to get a countess to pack for one, but Levande is desparate.)

I did not help. I am not a countess.

Loukerax did not help either. Loukerax was off selling his stolen golden chopsticks to a merchant from Oorah Thrassen, and using that money to hire some very strong Herethroy and a smallish cart and two heavy horses. They want to be in Daukrhame before Vae discovers that her treasures are stolen.

After all her belongings were out of Quelldrie House, Enziet sat on a heavy wooden chest and waited for her fiance. He showed up two hours late smelling of mead -- I know because he banged on the door and insisted on giving me a gigantic meady Gormoror hug by way of goodbye and thanks.

I somehow managed to get through this mess without anyone being angry at me. The Cani are not upset because (a) I had no intent to hurt them; (b) I helped them as best I could, and (c) some of them didn't like Enziet much anyways. Enziet is happy with her new fiance I guess. Loukerax is rich, engaged, and alive. Vae ... we'll see about Vae. She usually doesn't blame me for things other people do, especially when she abducts me a few items for some other purpose.

But Quelldrie House was very subdued. Anoof and Narngi were sometimes furious but usually just sad. Furious, because the Enziet that they had been working so hard to be loyal to had betrayed them. Sad, because they had failed the affan-holder, and hurt their marriage. They sat in the parlor and howled at each other (and various other Cani showed up for more howling). Jarmiet, who knows these things, brought them wet cloths with sliced lemons, and bowls of bush salt, and lumps of ice, at various times. I didn't see how they got used.

Dustweed and Ghirbis and Levande and Yarwain and I sat around and drank brandy in ice water, and argued about the marriage of Enziet and Loukerax. They're different species, so nobody's going to recognize it really. Certainly not Enziet's family, who already expressed their opinion of (a) Loukerax and (b) Enziet's proper marital prospects. I don't know about Loukerax's tribe, but Gormoror don't generally approve of Gormoror marrying non-Gormoror.

Not that much of anyone approves of cross-species marriages much. But a few of us actually do.

Person Opinion Details
Ghirbis Approves flippantly "I want to marry a big pack of Cani boys!" On further interrogation, she would be happier being their concubine than their spouse, and doesn't really want to marry them. I don't think she actually approves of it.
Dustweed Disapproves "I don't think that cross-species relationships can actually work very well." Zie speaks with some authority, considering how hard zie tried with Tethezai, and how miserably that turned out. At least, it was hard to argue with zir.
Yarwain Disapproves weakly "It doesn't sound like a good idea. Marriage is hard enough when your spirits are aligned. I can't imagine how it would work out without that much common basis. Which is to say, if you want to try it, Sythyry, I'll be glad to recognize it, but I'll be waiting with brandy and a very dry shoulder. And of course there's the problem of children. Ficina is the center of my world in a way that no adopted child could ever be."
Levande Approves (!) "There's not enough love around as it is. I don't want to interfere with it." (She agreed to ignore the issue with our Cani for the while though.) "I have decided to marry for love, or marry in seventeen years, whichever comes first. I'm hoping for love." (Why 17? Well, it was 19 when she decided that two years ago.)
Me Unsure As the resident traff capable of non-flippant thought, I want transaffection to be a viable way for anyone to live who wants. I do not know about 'aligned spirits' ... I am at a bit of a disadvantage, having never actually met someone of my own age and species. I don't know how much this 'aligned spirits' might count for. I certainly haven't managed to do very well with my relationships with Orren. So I don't know.

This wasn't actually a very long or very drunken conversation. Yarwain and Levande had to get back to Thery and Ficina. The rest of us have homework. Actually, Yarwain has homework too, and Levande has a county to administer.

And, of course, I need to tell Vae what happened to her treasures, the next time I see her.

I didn't like Trandary very much this year.

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