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Spelunking it is, on the advice of everyone, and Famous Collections, after I asked around about the teachers of the other classes.

(Liminal Flora and Fauna is open to anyone, but all students must be able to take some small aquatic form for the numerous field trips, so it's really limited to Orren and people on good terms with Real-Eel and her ilk. By the by, the reason that Real-Eel has that water breathing spell is that she works as a guide on the field trips for the class. I could take it -- I'm already the right size, so I'd just need the water breathing spell -- but I'm sort of trying to cut down on Orren just now. (And that doesn't explain why I fell asleep in Flooosh's oven last night. (And don't take that the wrong way! The big leather-and-brick oven in the back of her bakery, ordinarily used for bread.)))

(Studies in Urban Nobility is taught by one Prof. Mongrelle Gostunard, and yes, that's her real name. Rassimel. Known for taking bribes, mostly in the form of chances to meet real urban nobility of various cities. The grades in her class are pretty much determined by your family's (1) rank, (2) distance, and (3) willingness to have a random Rassimel professor as a guest. Glikkonen does adquately on (1), terribly on (2), and probably terribly on (3). In any case the class's lecture is generally a long list of personal anecdotes of times when Prof. Gostunard has been guest of this or that great noble. An excellent class for the scions of the local nobility. Which, I presume, is why Prof. Gostunard is still Prof. Gostunard and not Publicly Whipped And Humiliated And Punished Gostunard.)

(Important Battles in History is taught by Prof. Dharvis. I have heard nothing bad about Prof. Dharvis, except that twenty-nine years ago he seduced and married one of his senior students -- or that she did to him. Even that was awfully proper and correct; the engagement was announced the day after grades were final, and her grade was precisely in the middle of the class. Anyways, Prof. Dharvis is, supposedly, not as good a lecturer as Prof. Yrrkyrr who teaches Famous Collections.)

Two more things. There is now a Very Famous Painting hanging over the dining room table. If I do not see enough of my roommates when they are present, I am now priveleged to see them when they are absent as well. Tethezai did a splendid job of it, I must say.

And I fell asleep in Flooosh's oven, as mentioned previously. I had been lurking around at the end of the day. Someone brought back a box of poptaloops [little sticky buns with a dot of sweet bean paste at the top - bb] and complained that Lord and Lady Dunderhead, or whoever it was he worked for, said they weren't properly baked. There was the expression of regret! There was the slicing of four poptaloops in half with a big sharp meng-nut knife! There was the expression of perplexity that the poptaloops appeared perfectly baked! There was the angry discussion! There was the expression of high rank of Lord and Lady Dunderhead as compared with Flooosh! There was the grudging refund given! There was the ungracious thanks produced by the servant! There was the flinging of the now-unsellable and perfectly baked poptaloops into the oven, in a snit of anger! There was the helpful expression of sypathetic angerathetic by the Zi Ri! There was the offer that said Zi Ri could eat any of the now-slightly-toasted poptaloops that zie wanted to fetch out of the oven! There was the devouring of five poptaloops.

Poptaloops toast up very nicely indeed. But two of them make a respectable dinner for a small feathered lizard. Five was ... well ... I slept very very well. And Havune was merciless to me about sleeping with an Orren all night and still not getting laid.

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