Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Monsters and Bears [27 Trandary 4262]

And after that, they did behave like proper monsters, and had a ferocious aerial duel of spells and claws and teeth. I described it in detail in my report to the city. Vae got her tail absolutely handed to her. She kept fussing with making a fancy spell to do something insanely powerful, like turn all the air near Oixe into sentient fire that would attack Oixe but not Vae, and Oixe would teleport over and sink three mouths and four fangs into various bits of Vae.

Then they'd stop fighting and look at each other and giggle. And Vae would say "What I was going to do is..." and she'd do it. By that time Oixe had time to arrange a defense against it. And that sent them both into more giggles.

I stayed on the floating gazebo. They'd agreed not to hurt me or the gazebo.

After five exchanges like that -- Oixe won four of them -- they came back to the gazebo, fairly badly hurt, and giggling wildly. They healed each other mostly, but I cast my best healing spells on them. I did that last, sort of like dessert. And Vae showed me a new way that she cheats on magic; she amplified my healing spell considerably. Like, to Chrentothany-skill of a good healing spell.

That's all in the official report though, with technical details that I don't feel like writing twice.

And then they set the chairs on fire (heat helps soothe the ache of Mutoc-based healing, and of course fireproofness is the one and only way I am actually tougher than a nendrai), and we sat around and chatted about books. It started being about literature, but quickly switched to being about bookmaking. I told them a great deal about printing, most of which I learned from my black-handed ex-girlfriend. They were fascinated. I am fairly sure that they will both go home and try making printing presses. This is probably a violation of some guild law or something, but I would rather have nendrai fussing about with balky inky machinery for an ultimately harmless purpose than, um, acting like proper monsters.

Then Oixe made her goodbyes and went home. Vae and I got halfway back to Vheshrame when I remembered, and made Vae return the gazebo.

The Aftermath, from Vae's Point of View

Me:"Was that a good visit or a bad one?"

Vae:"The good visit it was, or good enough for now."

Me:"But you didn't find a boyfriend."

Vae:"Not exactly, and not exactly not."

Me:"A girlfriend? I've had one of each, and for Orren they're differently but equally troublesome."

Vae:"Not a girlfriend exactly. No, but yes. The girlfriend, exactly."

Me:"Care to translate?"

Vae:"The boyfriend I would be, if it comes to that."


Vae:"Not such a hard Mutoc spell is it! The thought is on me that you could do it yourself, Sythyry." (Yes, I can, it's not very hard.)

Me:"I mean, why you?"

Vae:"The duel decided that."

Me:"You had a duel to decide which of you got to be the girl?"

Vae:"The duel was to decide who got to sets the terms the next time we meet. The date she could ask for, and say 'The boy you should be.'"

Me:"That's very ... organized. I wish I could get a date with anyone and say, 'The Orren you should be.'"

Vae:"The less nice thing it is when they are dominant and say to you, 'The Khtsoyis you should be, Sythyry.'"

Me:"Right. So, are you in love?"

Vae:"Not a bit! Too young!"


Vae:"Too young for that too!"

Me:"So why are you looking for dates now?"

Vae:"I don't want to waste a minute when I'm old enough!"

The Aftermath, from Loukerax's Point Of View

Me:"Hi, Loukerax. I hope you didn't mind us flying off and leaving you stuck in a galangal-smelling cave."

Loukerax:"Me? Nah. I found plenty. To do."

Me:"Oh, good."

Vae:"The yay!"

So we said goodbye, and got sent to the Halflight Gate. Loukerax charged inside, laughing wildly.

Me:"What's that laughing?"

Loukerax:"Lookie, lookie, lookie!"

He had stolen a pair of golden chopsticks and a small golden bowl from Vae.

Me:"I don't think that's a good idea, Loukerax."

Loukerax:"Too bad for you!"

Me:"Really. You should give them back."

Loukerax:"Nope. Not a chance. Wedding present for wife!"

Me:"They are stolen. We are currently surrounded by city guards."

Loukerax:"Stolen outside the city, from a monster."

So I tried to have the guards arrest him, and ... they wouldn't. I had them get Kaim-Su. He wouldn't arrest Loukerax either. We spent two-thirds of an hour trying to talk Loukerax out of keeping them. No luck.

And after that he romped through the streets, chanting, "I have the chopsticks! I have the chopsticks! I have the bowl! I have the bowl!" at the bottom of his lungs. In that great heavy deep Gormoror growl, I mean.

The Aftermath, from Anoof's Point of View

Anoof:"Well, you certainly did your part well, Sythyry."

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