Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Chaperone to Monsters [27 Trandary 4262]

I persuaded Vae that inviting her peer nendrai to Vheshrame Mene or anywhere close would be a bad idea. This is certainly true from my point of view. At best, more nendrai showing up here would mean that I'd have more dangerous ambassadorships. At worst, I'd be executed for conspiring with dangerous monsters.

Vae:"The wonderful plan! The other place is where we go to seek other nendrai!"

Me:"Um ... that's ... not a wonderful plan. Especially if there's a 'we' involved."

Vae:"Not, not, you must come, Sythyry!"

Me:"I'd rather not."

Vae:"The chaperone is very important!"

Me:"Don't you want to wait until you're sexually mature?"

Vae:"Not, not! And how would it look if I did that? The quest for a boyfriend it would look like! The over-eager virgin girl, like the butt of fun in the cautionary stories you gave me last week!"

Me:"Instead, what will it look like?"

Vae:"Cute! The cute young girl with the mighty mighty tail, is what I will look like!"

Me:"Leave the Gormoror here, at least."

Loukerax:"And miss a great adventure?"

Me:"And miss a great tea party. What we don't want here is a great adventure."

Loukerax:"Evil lizard, to thus deprive me of a chance to be a greatness of a hero!"

Me:"And Enziet would bite me if I let you die. Or get changed into a mushroom."

Loukerax:"I will come! I insist on it!"

Vae:"Not this time, O Gormoror! The easier chaperone will be Sythyry."

And that's how I wound up in a very nice and somewhat abducted gazebo, floating fifty-seven thousand miles not-quite-above Vheshrame, doing my best to be civil to more nendrai than I really enjoy dealing with. Fortunately, the chaperone is not supposed to be the centerpiece of the encounter.

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