Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

In Which I Save The Universe [27 Trandarh 4262]

Loukerax:"Yum, gingery!"

Vae:"And really? Not like ginger should my home smell, for none was the ginger I used in its making."

Loukerax:"Hey, it smells good!"

Vae:"The happiness is on me to hear that, but not like ginger...?"

Me:"I think it's galangal, not ginger."

Loukerax:"Galangal, ginger, what's the difference?"

Vae:"The galangal is more ... " She looked perplexed for a minute, then asked me in the Nice Language, "How do you say 'bdresia' in Ketherian?"

Me:"I have no idea. You'd have to ask a Cani."

Vae:"The yes! The Cani will I get, to show you off the spell I was going to show you off!"

She created a very complicated thing that would sweep across the countryside and make a huge spike on the outer husk of the World Tree universe near each Cani that it found. I didn't follow all the details, and I was using the Eye, but I think that Prof. Gostegg would not be too unhappy with me for figuring it out as well as I did.

Me:"Vae? I don't think that's a good idea."

Vae:[holding the spell]"And why not?"

Me:"It'll make lots of weak spots on the edge of the universe."

Vae:"And why lots?"

Me:"There are lots of Cani around here."

Vae:"Yeek! Yes, lots! The very bad idea!"

She turned the spell into a fresh rainbow. I will count this as me saving the world.

Loukerax:"Oh, nice rainbow. You do know how to decorate a galangal pod. Root. Whatever."

Me:"Vae? Why were you going to show me off that spell?"

Vae:"The other nendrai will I go a-questing for! Peers! Playmates! Boyfriends!"

Loukerax:"Aw, that's sweet."

Me:"Do you think that's a good idea?"

Vae:"And what wrongness could come of it?"

Me:"Well, you might irritate them, by poking them with odd spells."

Vae:"Not such a bad spell is it! The harmless look it has."

Me:"If the subject is looking carefully when it happens to show up. If not, you might annoy someone who doesn't look carefully."

Vae:"... oh ..."

Me:"And you might poke a few holes in the edge of the universe."

Vae:"The just a few of them! The other nendrai would be near them too. If any horrors come, the other nendrai can fight them!"

Me:"Do you think that's a good way to greet another nendrai? 'Here, have a cosmic horror to fight!'" I was only 18/19 sure that that is a bad way. Nendrai can be pretty freaky now and then.

Vae:"Not ... not always a good way."

Me:"And you might induce some other nendrai to come here."

Vae:"The yes! The very yes!"


Me:"They'll stomp on your territory. They might take your things!"

Vae:"The not so very yes."

Loukerax:"I'll fight them off!"

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