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Picking Courses

Now it is time to fret about the selection of courses again. (Nobody else in the apartment, I may add, is fretting about the selection of courses. They are being painted by an art student.)

It is clearly time for me to study Corpador magic, and a bit more Enchantment. These are entirely practical things, from which I will earn some sort of tolerable wage over the next few years or decades; they are entirely respectable things for a young Zi Ri to study.

An actual class in Deepening of Understanding is also required: not simply the occasional project, but an organized class. (It has come to my attention that not all readers are familiar with this topic as an actual class. It is about being smart, not simply knowing many things. One is given a variety of case studies, and one is encouraged to think of sensible reasons or explanations or solutions, as the case may be. One is given exercises in which the main point is to figure out a sensible way to do them. For example, one may be called upon to put a live fish into a wine bottle -- or, perhaps, to design a method in which one might build a business that sold live fish in wine bottles to Orren tourists. No answer, I understand, is ever good enough; but some are less poor than others.)

If I am too respectable, though, Hezemikkainen will think I am too respectable. Or something. In any case, I don't want to do it. Flirtatious Dancing was a disaster and a half last term, for (1) being entirely too respectable; (2) encouraging me to acquire an interest in certain of the Wrong Sort of People (viz. Orren), and (3) for failing to lead to any sort of satisfactory ending with the Wrong Sort of People.

Nonetheless, some sort of physical activity is required -- by the academy's rules, if not by my own body. Archery has certain advantages. It is fairly inactive as physical activities go. I'm quite sure that the academy does not have a bow in my size; I could probably get away with borrowing an enchanted bow from some relative or other, which would, presumably, make the class very easy. (And that's not cheating, I might add -- when, in future life, might I possibly use a bow that was not enchanted?) Spelunking is the alternative. It actually sounds fun, which archery does not. It takes good advantage of my small size. (It does not take good advantage of my glorious plumage!) And there are Rumors -- sometimes, even, Glorious Rumors -- of what can go on in side caves on the longer trips.

I'd also like something amusing, and, if at all possible, easy. On this topic I have few good ideas: Famous Collections? Liminal Flora and Fauna? Studies in Urban Nobility? Important Battles in History? Something quite other?

Poll #107998 What Courses Should Sythyry Take?

For an active course:


For an amusing and easy course

Famous Collections
Liminal Flora and Fauna
Studies in Urban Nobility
Important Battles in History

What other course would you recommend for me?

1. My breath-fire does not naturally match my scales: it is red. Neither does my father's. When I was six, zie gave me an illusion-maker to force them to match.

2. The first spell I learned was Light the Stove, at the age of three years and a little. It was a birthday present.

3. The first spell I cast was Create a Small and Somewhat Deformed Dead Mouse, at the age of two years three months. Then I ate it.

4. The feathers on my left wing fall out now and then. Very annoying!

5. For one year, I used to eat toasted cheese for breakfast. At the start of the year Cook made it for me. By the end, I was getting a heavy ceramic plate of cheese sticks and toasting them by breath.

6. I stole a lozen from one of my mothers' Herethroy when I was eight. I flew in zir window and snatched it.

7. Two years after (6), I went to try to return it, but I couldn't remember who I had stolen it from.

8. I am allergic to aileaf flowers. They make me sneeze sparks.

9. I have spoken to someone of every species.

10. I have never touched a Khtsoyis, Sleeth, or Gormoror.

11. I am still technically a virgin. This must change!

12. Once I wore haa-mleng perfume. I didn't know that it was really only to be used for ritual magic.

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