Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Jellyfish Doom Spell [27 Trandary 4262]

Me:"Um... what spell?"

Vae:"That one!" She pointed at her chest.

Well, if she'd cast that on me instead of on herself, I'd be dead.

It was a little tiny spirit of Mutoc Corpador. Scales become acid; blood becomes ice; fat becomes flame; and so on. The spirit was jellyfish-shaped. It wasn't that smart, but it would wiggle and insinuate itself slowly into its victim.

Vae had cast it on herself early -- "The you would have talked me out of doing it if you'd been here!" -- and had to keep healing herself while I was being late. Healing herself, of course, with Mutoc Corpador, which hurts a great deal. I imagine I would die from the pain of that much healing. Even Vae destroyed the jellyfish doom spell after I got a good look at it, and looked a bit relieved when it stopped eating her.

Vae:"Well, what do you think of it?"

My first reaction, which is techically correct, was "A horrible thing! It's not good for killing things compared to what you can do a thousand other ways, and it's sure not good for anything else, so why bother?"

Me:[Actually]"What do you want to use it for?"

Vae:"The boyfriend!"

Me:"You have a boyfriend?"

Vae:"Not yet ... "

Loukerax:"I have a girlfriend! Nay, a fiancee!"

Me:"Well, that makes you a boyfriend. Want to try Vae's new boyfriend spell?"

Loukerax:"Loukerax the Bloody fears no spell! I shall try it!"

I didn't mean to do that, I swear. To her credit, Vae tried to talk him out of it. And when he insisted, she gave him a version with a very short duration. It didn't kill him, anyways.

Loukerax:"Loukerax fears no spell! But what sort of a boyfriend spell is that?"

Vae:"The valentine, like."

Me:"A little gift for someone you'd like to know a bit better?""

Vae:"The exactly! And what do you think of it?"

Loukerax:"It is more painful than most such presents. It seems more like a part of a marital spat!"

Me:"Is it for that N. violens you met in the Nereidscray, the one who killed me? Llethi-something?"

Vae:"The Llethillasessat, you mean?"

Loukerax:"You got killed by a nendrai?"

Me:"Safer than dating one!"

Vae:"Not true, not true!"

Me:"Well, who's this valentine spell for?"

Loukerax:"Why is it a valentine spell?"

Me:"Nendrai do sweet little things like that for other nendrai they like."


Me:"I don't know ... to show how powerful and creative they are, I think."

Vae:"Not that, quite. The reason is ... what present could I give another nendrai, that he would not like better coming from a prime?"

I am not sure quite how one gets from there to torture spells. Fortunately this will never be personally relevant to me.

Me:"Do you have a boyfriend in mind yet?"

Vae:"Not yet. The decision to find one have I made!"

Me:"... how will you do that?"

Vae:"I shall show you!"

So she took us both to her home. The one made from galangal.

It wasn't being much extra work to distract Loukerax. He couldn't get back home from there without help. Nor could I.

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