Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Distracting the Gormoror [27 Trandary 4262]

Me:"Loukerax! Three days are now done! I want you out of my house now! ... and we have to go talk to the nendrai."

Loukerax:"Insolent lizard! I call upon you to observe, to witness, to behold!"


Loukerax:"I have built you a loft!"

He did, too. A significant portion of the useless (pointy) end of Carcanofex Suite's parlor is now a two-story room, with a floor/ceiling of light boards that Loukerax and Enziet scrounged from the basement, supported by some bookshelves that used to be on the walls. The whole thing is held together with some very clever pegwork and joinery. I can jump on it with my full weight and it doesn't even creak. Loukerax can lean on it and it doesn't even creak.

They covered the upper level with some rugs and towels, as a stopgap. I am obliged (by them, not by me) to go get an actual rug.

Loukerax is apparently a journeyman-grade carpenter, to pay the bills when adventuring is meagre. And obviously Enziet and Loukerax were doing more than simply, um, planning their nuptials while the rest of us were away.

I boggled at this for quite some time, at least two-thirds of an hour. I had never realized that I needed a loft, since the Carcanofex Suite was a distinctly huge room for me already.

At which point I realized that I was rather late for ambassading at Vae. I induced Loukerax to jump out the window and cast a flight spell -- well, strictly speaking, he did it in the opposite order.

Vae showed up instantly. "Sythyry! The I have been waiting for you!"

I answered, "Apologies, apologies. This Gormoror delayed me with a loft."

"And do you have the Eye of Mimizan and Mirizan with you? A spell there is which I would like you to dissect!"

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