Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Revenge of the Dogs[27 Trandary 4262]

I wasn't invited to Anoof's family's discussion about what to do with Enziet. I don't blame them -- I wouldn't have wanted me there either. (In fact, I didn't want me there. I didn't want to have to explain to Havune why I had ruined his life again. (But that is neither here nor there.))

Narngi did start the discussion with, "Guess what Sythyry did this time?" Aside from that, they didn't much blame me. Though they did decide that they would not invite me to live in their longhouse when they get one.

The meeting sounded quite fighty. There were three choofs: over morals (Narngi won), over defense of the family (Havune won), and over baking (Havune won).

The moral question was, what is their responsibility to protect an Enziet who had no intention of protecting herself. Narngi's answer is "Three chances, and then she can destroy her life however she likes." Which sounds ... very practical. They can tell when they're done.

Me:"Why three?"

Narngi:"All the fairy tales have three. Or seven or twelve, but I didn't want to spend that much energy on her."

The defense-of-the-family question was, "How, precisely, will they defend Enziet against herself and her rather imposing adulterant, without risking further doom for anyone that they actually do care about?" The rejected answer (from Anoof) was "missile weapons, outside the city." The actual edict (from Havune) was to separate her from the Gormoror for an afternoon and give her a stern and detailed lecture on theoretical morality and its practical application to her own life.

Me:"I do hope I'm not invited to that?"

Narngi:"You have your role to play. You need to get the Gormoror out of the way."

Me:"Oh... I suppose I do owe you that."

Narngi:"I am pleased that I do not need to remind you of that fact."

Me:"You will need to save all your lectures on theoretical morality and its practical applications for Enziet."

The baking .... The discussion of morality will be accompanied by oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies and nearly-raw roast mutton. Havune will prepare them. I don't know why this needed a choof.

Cani are all insane.

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