Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Bong Gamelan Bed and Breakfast [27 Trandary 4262]

I couldn't be more glad to show Dormez Chez Couffre my tail!

And I wish I could make good on that threat ... maybe I can, I do know some city guards and other officials. It'd be really useful if I knew some traff ones. Breakfast was rather displeasing. The Cani were served normal breakfast food. Dustweed, Ghirbis, and I got, well, mostly normal breakfast food. But we each got an ... "amuse-bouche", they called it. Consisting of half a roast rat (that's a vile rodent, not even like the nice clean mice that figure so importantly in Mrasteian cuisine) and half a roast mud-loach (that's a vile bottom-feeding fish that Orren don't generally eat). The half-rat and half-loach were grilled and wrapped together in bacon, making a hideous breakfast chimera. The breakfast chimera was then plopped in the middle of a bowl of (otherwise quite excellent) sweet nut porridge.

Well, for me it was disgusting, and for Ghirbis it was disgusting. Dustweed is Herethroy. It is obvious to anyone who looks at zir that zie's Herethroy. You cannot easily mistake a tall, solid, chitin-covered six-limbed antennae-bearing person for any other sort of person. And you cannot simply "forget" that Herethroy don't eat meat. Not if you're running a business, such as a Bed and Breakfast, which involves serving food to people, you can't forget it. And it's rather suspicious that they had made just enough sweet nut porridge for all their guests, and weren't able to give Dustweed another bowl.

Anoof and Narngi gave much of theirs to Dustweed, and zie traded the meat-smirched one to them. They didn't like the breakfast chimera very much either.

(The symbolism here is: breakfast chimerae are an act of joining together that which should not be joined, which is distasteful. Just like transaffection.)

There were some other problems. Dustweed asked for kathia with cream. Zie got kathia with cream and vinegar, which is to say, curdled cream. Nobody drinks kathia that way. It curdles. They gave zir another chaliceful the way zie asked though. My breakfast came without the blini, which was the most luxurious part of everyone else's; they said I'd asked not to have it, which is very much not the case. Ghirbis was given eight sausages "because she obviously likes them". That's a ridiculous amount; she doesn't particularly, and that's probably an allusion to her presumed (and actual) sluttish tastes. One can hardly complain about it, but the insult is there.

One cannot really do anything to a restaurant for providing unreasonably mediocre service. Even when one is certain that it's entirely due to the fact that one is traff. In particular one cannot take legal action, because one would get mocked by most legal officials. One cannot really take more sneaky kinds of revenge, becaue one might well get caught and if one were, one would be mocked (and sued) for not taking legal action.

One can, however, exclaim about how very bad the breakfast was to one's friends. Naturally, the non-traff friends will not get the full story, and find it unaccountable, and probably not pay attention to it. The traff friends may know what is going on, and might care.

Anyways. Bong Gamelan is a lot less fancy, and a lot less fussy, and a lot less than half the price. I have a medium-sized room -- once again, Ghirbis and Dustweed have to share a bed and I get the fireplace. It'd be crowded and annoying for longer than two days, but better than dealing with Loukerax and Enziet. And Mr. and Mrs. Bong don't seem to care who they rent to, or what they might be doing with each other. Perhaps their laundry service is good enough to wash the traff-dust off the bedclothes.

Anyways, back at home, Loukerax and Enziet have, according to reports (Byalar told Anoof):

  1. Broken up.
  2. Reconciled (a third of an hour later)
  3. Tried to elope, and were soundly mocked by the Registrar of Marriages for being different species..
  4. Set fire to a couch, but mostly managed to put it out.

Getting out of the house was the smartest idea I've had since I came to Vheshrame. Except, I mean, it was Floooooosh's idea. The best idea I've been given since I came to Vheshrame.

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