Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Dormez Chez Couffre [25 Trandary 4262]

Dormez Chez Couffre is the fancy bed-and-breakfast that we're staying in for one night. It is more expensive for one night there than two nights in the other. In many ways, that is reasonable. Chez Couffre has more doilies per unit surface than I have seen since ... um ... the seventeenth of this month, at the Cafe Dutoillier. It has more small statues of cute Rassimel boys kissing each other than I could possibly have imagined ever existed, though you may ascribe this to a paucity of imagination concerning cute Rassimel boys kissing each other than anything else. It has sheets of very fancy cotton on the beds -- so fancy that Martel and Ernard (the proprietors, who had presumably been cute Rassimel boys some decades ago themselves) have to explain in some detail why these cotton sheets are fancier than silk. It has something to do with how many threads they have, and how each thread was run through a candleflame to burn off all the loose little cotton fibers that somehow get between the strands of your fur and, while they don't actually wake you up at night, they do interfere with the perfection of your slumber.

Fortunately, no little loose cotton fibers got between the strands of my fur ... um, my scales, if you please ... and interfered with the perfection of my slumber.

Unfortunately, something else did.

Martel and Ernard were delighted to have such respectable guests as a Zi Ri and zir friends for guests, at first. In any case, they had two bedrooms open that night (out of four in the house total) and I imagine they were glad to have paying customers hiring those rooms at the last minute.

But Ghirbis and Dustweed sort of invited themselves along too. Rather, Dustweed opined that zie didn't want to be in the house with the heroism-drunk Gormoror and his new and utterly insane fiancee (or whatever she turns out to be). And so I offered her to come along with me to Chez Couffre and share my room for old times' sake. If I'm going to help Anoof and Narngi out, I really ought to help my best Herethroy friend too, right? (Please don't share that opinion with anyone else. Publicly, zie is simply a convenient roommate.)

Then Ghirbis realized that she'd vaguely insulted both Loukerax and Enziet a few times, and she'd better be out of there. Her first choice turned out to be unavailable, for remarkable reasons. She was going to tell her current Cani boy-toy that she was going to spend the night with him like they had been planning for weeks. However, he's actually engaged to eight other Cani and living with most of them. He has loyally neglected to mention her to them or them to her. He can't have her over. Oh, and he's going to break up with her soon anyways.

So Ghirbis was so upset that she could go for a whole third of an hour without singing anything. And, more dangerously, she was complaining to me instead of finding another place to stay. So I invited her along too.

So I returned to Dormez Chez Couffre and told the owners of my plans, and that I would be paying for two extra breakfasts and yes, full-sized person breakfasts, please.

Martel and Ernard scowled. They bristled. They hemmed. They hawwed, or, perhaps, they simply hawed. They demurred. They scowled. They regretted.

And, after a brief spousal conversation, they explained that they ran a decent sort of Bed and Breakfast, and that "those sorts of things" were not appropriate here. That if I wanted to bring my consorts to a Bed and Breakfast, perhaps the Oliplano or Chez Duc Lierg might have open rooms for the night.

In retrospect, I believe I had two choices, and that I chose the wrong one.

The right choice would be to be furious at them for believing that I was doing "those sorts of things" with Dustweed. How could anyone imagine that a Zi Ri would defile zirself with a both-female? I am sure that a display of offended gentility could have demolished Martel and Ernard severely and probably cut something off the price of the room.

I didn't do that. I didn't even realize that I should have done it 'til just now.

Instead, I got furious at their scorn of transaffection. I explained that Dormez Chez Couffre, with all its doilies and scorched-thead cotton sheets and kissing Rassimel boys, is a hireable sort of place. In this respect, it is rather like a prostitute. The doilies and scorched-thread cotton sheets and kissing Rassimel boys make it a high-priced one rather than a cheap one, but that is a matter of price rather than profession. And that if they refused to honor our agreement, I would see to it that Dormez Chez Couffre got more than its share of attention to civic regulations, and less than its share of hiring for the use of civic guests.

The former points made little impression, or at least, little positive impression. The latter points seemed effective, though.

I was too angry to sleep very well, though. I didn't get the scorched-thread sheets at all though; Ghirbis and Dustweed are studiously avoiding touching each other in bed, and I went into the fireplace like usual. (Actually, it's pretty funny to watch them. Dustweed, while sleeping, keeps putting zir mid-hand on a rather intimate part of Ghirbis. Dustweed and Tethezai used to sleep like that. Ghirbis wakes up instantly, presumably because Dustweed's midhand doesn't feel like a familiar mammal hand.)

Breakfast -- which is in an hour, since I still have Enchantment class at dawn -- had better be excellent. And presented with lots of doilies. Or I'm going to see if I can actually make good on that threat.

(Actually, I think I know why I picked the traff argument rather than the both-female one, in retrospect. I'm feeling awful about siding with Anoof and Narngi and their cisaffectionate marriage, and sort of betraying poor traff Enziet.)

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