Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

[24 Trandary 4262]

I persuaded the seven-winged burning thing to go away. I was not afraid that it would burn Quelldrie House down. I was afraid that someone would figure out that it was an illusion.

Me:"Well. Loukerax, this would be an excellent time for you to go inspect the room in which you will be sleeping."

Loukerax:"Well, if I ain't fighting for love and honor for a couple days, I guess so. Where's that?"

Me:"I ... don't know."

Loukerax:"Seems to me it'd be an excellent time for you to figure that out, lizard girl."

Ghirbis:"What rooms do we have free? Enziet is in the guest room; 'tis already as crowded as crowded can be in Quelldrie House."

Me:"You'd volunteered your room."

Ghirbis:"I had volunteered to find out if he's traff. I am pleased to report my results: he is. I am pleased to end that project in a hurry."

Loukerax:"What's traff mean?"

Me:"Never you mind."

Loukerax:"I ain't taking no more insults."

Me:"I'm traff, you're traff, Ghirbis is traff. It's not an insult."

(Well, of course it is an insult. You can get pretty nicely beaten up if you call the wrong person "traff", even if it's true. You can also get pretty nicely beaten up for being traff, if you're not high enough rank. I was pretty sure I was going to get beaten up in three days, when Loukerax was released from his Word of Honor... (which reminds me, I need to bind The Quick Escape before three days. Having all my tricks in line to get away from the angry Gormoror seems really smart.))

Loukerax:"Right. Damn mysterious lizards."

Me:"Now, bedroom."

Ghirbis:"I volunteer your bedroom."

Me:"I am not sleeping with a Gormoror!"

Loukerax:"You'd rip, lizard girl!"

Me:"I don't mean it that way!"

Ghirbis:"I'm serious. He's not going to sleep in the kitchen or the parlor. I don't want to trip over him!"

Floosh:"Don't you have reservations at ... what's that bed-and-breakfast, again?"


Floosh:"For the next three days. Two rooms, in case you wanted to bring a visitor or two." She glanced pointedly at Anoof and Narngi.

Me:"Oh! Right! Where did my reservation stuff go? I'll have to track it down ... it got misplaced when I flew out to deal with the nendrai."

Anoof:"Misplaced temporally, I'm sure."

Me:"Exactly. You never know what distortions of space and time might show up in a Zi Ri's bedroom."

Loukerax:"And you want me to sleep there?"

Me:"Um ... don't worry, I'll take them with me." I am such a featherhead at times!

Me:"Narngi, I seem to have these two rooms in a bed-and-breakfast, but there's only one of me. Would you do me the honor of accepting the other one?"

Narngi:"I would be delighted. May I bring friends?"

Me:"But of course, my dear Narngi. But of course."

She put her knife away, and collected Anoof. "Come on! We need to pack."

Anoof:"Are we bringing Enziet?"

Narngi:"No. Our host did not give us permission to bring her; zie specified 'friends'."

Enziet looked ready to bite everybody.

I sent Jarmiet (who I am allowed to send) and Ghirbis (who I am not allowed to send, but it was an emergency) to find a bed-and-breakfast with two suitable rooms for three days. They didn't, but we're staying one night in one place and two in another.

This is going to be expensive.

And it'll be annoying. A romantic getaway for two would be very nice just about now. A romantic getaway for one ... is better than not getting away, I think.

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