Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Speak Softly and Carry a Large Burning Thing[24 Trandary 4262]

Loukerax and Narngi were about to start fighting for Enziet's hand in marriage. I had apparently caused a seven-winged burning thing to appear in the room. It looked very dangerous and magical. I don't think Loukerax knew anything about me, but all my roommates know that I have a fairly dangerous seven-winged burning thing available at need.

Then I feather-cast The Raven's Beak, since I was pretty sure this counted as an adventure again, and I might as well exercise every Noun and two Verbs and feather casting. And it is a protective spell, albeit the silliest one there is.

Ghirbis:"Sythyry! I slightly prefer that you do not burn the house down!"

Floosh:"What is that? Sythyry, what are you trying to do?"

Anoof:"Sythyry! Do not kill my fiancee!"

Enziet shook her head angrily.

Loukerax:"Stop trying to distract me, lizard!"

Me:"I'm mostly trying to distract you, shaggy! You gave your Word of Honor that you'd respect my wishes. I certainly don't wish you to kill my roommate."

Loukerax:"I did swear that, and my curse upon you for a vile manipulative wizard! I'll bet you study mind magic in your spare time!" Which, if you're not certain, is an insult and an accusation of serious crimes and/or serious bad taste.

I hissed indignantly! I would have been much more justified in indignation if I hadn't just cast The Raven's Beak for the specific purpose of studying mind magic, and every other kind too.

Anoof:"Sythyry, make him drop his weapons and surrender."

Loukerax:"Drop my claws, puppy?"

Me:"Loukerax, please stop trying to kill my roommate."

Loukerax:"I'm not going to kill her much!"

Me:"I wish that you would not try to kill her at all!"

Loukerax:"Besides, what's that fire elemental thing doing?"

Me:"Hovering. Flapping. Lending credence -- or perhaps just authority -- to my requests."

Loukerax:"Well ... Enziet? Can you wait three days 'til this cursed oath is off?"

Enziet nodded angrily. She does that a lot.

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