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Nudity for All!

An eager artist has tried to bribe the four of us to sit for a polyspecific portrait. I don't know what will come of it. Fortunately there are no Orren here, or we might not all be able to sit still for an hour or two.

Since the portrait may or may not ever be done, and since most of you have never met us, here is my own portrait -- in words, since I have no skill with the sketching-point. I will do nudes. I scarcely see everyone nude every day, but I have seen.

Dustweed is ill-favored among Herethroy. [Herethroy are anthropomorphic crickets, tall and elegant and almost elvish. They have six limbs.] Zir carapace is a dull and mottled green, rather as if zie were covered with an unhealthy layer of lichen. Zie is darker and bluer on the left than on the right; more than once I have thought zie were constantly under some shadow unseen to me. Zie has a clumsy arc of nine bright red spots on the left of zir back, that look rather more like someone has slung nine little darts at zir than any particular adornment. Zir face is well-formed and pleasant, and I truly believe that if zie could get a very nice marriage if zie found two blind people. (Oh, and I have seen zir nude many times, as zie changes clothes in the room.)

Havune is a Cani with [border collie styling -bb], tall and dignified in the way that one born to minor nobility often is. I've never managed it myself, but Havune does it perfectly: tail up, ears high, eyes full of rulership. His chest and face are mostly black-furred, with a white stripe pouring between his eyes and cupping his nose and mouth and. His chest is white, save for a pair of little triangles pointed at each other. His fur is perfectly symmetrical. There is a small bottle of Ospillicker's Fur Dye (Black) which ensures that it remains so -- the upper triangle, without the dye, would be smaller and more isoceles than the equilateral lower one. His breasts are all the same size, and if he's got a bottle of something that does that, I have yet to see it. (He frequently wore little or nothing during Surprise, when it was so hot.)

Thery is a wand of a woman: tall for a Rassimel (she is taller than Havune), with thin-but-not-that-thin rings around her eyes and tail. Most of her fur is a thick warm amber-brown, like honey diluted to syrup with kathia. When she is unclothed around me, she always keeps her tail curled around her more personal bits. It is simply a strong inference of mine that she is female. I suppose, if it comes to it, my own sex is the most straightforward: Zi Ri have only the one choice. Havune would be second-clearest, and Thery third-clearest. Dustweed, of course ... who can tell what sex an insect is, except another insect, or a Cani or Sleeth? But back to Thery... She wears a little necklace in the shape of a leaping charger, which Yarwain got her at the start of the term. I believe she sleeps with it: at least, when she is dashing for the bathroom in the morning in such a hurry that she doesn't wear a robe, and knocking the innocent Zi Ri out of the way, she was wearing it. It caught my left wing. That's the only time I've seen her entirely without clothing. I am given to understand Yarwain has seen more.

I am rambling too much! I must go decide what to learn next term!
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