Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Wait a Minute...! [24 Trandary 4262]

Anoof:"No, she won't marry you. She's engaged to us."

Loukerax:"Well, then you'll just have to disengage and retreat, then, won't you?"

Narngi:"Gladly. She's no end of trouble. She's a horrible woman. She doesn't talk. When there's something important to be discussed she doesn't even write about it until everything's been decided, and then she argues with the decision. She doesn't clean up after herself. She farts when you go down on her. She makes these horrible scent sculptures and bites you if you open a window. She's sulky and bitter and rude."

Enziet bristled and growled and bared her fangs at Narngi. I am pretty sure this is a rudeness for Cani. I would guess that it's somewhere between deliberately stomping on one's tail and deliberately stuffing a leech down one's bodice. But it might be between tying one's shoelaces together and disintegrating them entirely. Cani manners are endlessly subtle and endlessly incomprehensible to lizards.

Loukerax:"That's no way to speak of my fiancee!"

Narngi:"I'll speak of my fiancee in whatever way I please!"

Me:[quietly, from under the couch]"Please stop bickering."

Loukerax:"Not when she's my fiancee, you won't."

Narngi:"You barely know the girl. I've been living with her for weeks."

Loukerax:"Hah! Liar! I know for a fact one part of it is false!"

Narngi:"OK, she doesn't fart every time, but more than twice and more than thrice."

Enziet punched Narngi in the muzzle. Something in Narngi's face cracked audibly. I'm pretty sure this is a deliberate rudeness for Cani too, somewhere between setting one's tail ablaze and slicing off the top half of one's ear.

Anoof and Floosh dragged Enziet off of Narngi. Ghirbis -- who, like any good Rassimel, is particularly good at healing magic -- applied cloth and ice, but not healing magic, and didn't notice that Enziet had broken some bones or other crunchy bits.

Me:[quietly, from under the couch]"Please stop fighting."

Loukerax:[After he stopped cheering for Enziet.]"Unhand my fiancee, and we'll be off."

Anoof:"Actually, no, you won't be. You gave your Word of Honor to stay in Quelldrie House for three days."

Narngi:"And she's not your fiancee."

Loukerax:"But you just said you were breaking off the engagement!"

Narngi:"I said no such thing! I said I wished I could break the engagement."

Loukerax:"Allow me to provide you with a perfectly good excuse for breaking it. We shall duel for her hand. The first one to die cedes her claim to Enziet."

Narngi had a metal-edged knife that Anoof had given her as an engagement present, which she drew and pointed at Loukerax. Loukerax had just his claws and teeth, but claws and teeth longer than my foreleg, and he showed them all.

Me:[quietly, from under the couch]"Please don't duel."

Narngi and Loukerax ignored me some more, circling around each other. That is very rude by Zi Ri standards, somewhere between writing bad love poetry about me and posting it on a bulletin board at school, and socializing with me but pretending I'm the same size as everyone else.

So I caused a seven-winged burning thing to show up in the middle of the room. Which did get everyone's attention.

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