Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Surprise Cake [24 Trandary 4262]

Loukerax:"... Enziet? That ain't Enziet! ..."

Enziet stomped on Loukerax's toe and punched him in the muzzle.

Loukerax peered at her. "She hits like Enziet, but she don't look like Enziet, and she sure don't talk like Enziet."

Anoof:"And she smells like Enziet, not that you could tell that, Gormoror."

Loukerax:"Feisty little doggie, aren't you?"

They glared at each other.

Jarmiet:"Sythyry, there's an Orren with a cake at the front door for you."

I was rather glad to get away from the room full of large, angry mammals, especially if there was an Orren with a cake involved. Yum, Orren cake.

Spare Mystery

Me:"Oh, hi, Floosh."

Floosh:"You've got a secret admirer?"

Me:"Secret from me, if I have one at all! Plenty of not-so-secret people mad at me."

Floosh:"Well, here's your cake, anyways."

It was a rather impressive cake, in Flooooooooosh's most overdone form. It was decorated with grape vines and barrels and brandy bottles and assorted baked goods (made of frosting and spun sugar -- Flooosh doesn't actually put poptaloops or muffins on top of a cake). And Zi Ri. Oh, and Zi Ri. Zi Ri drinking brandy, Zi Ri peeking out of barrels, Zi Ri wrapped in vines, Zi Ri riding cats, Zi Ri wrapping each other in ribbons, Zi Ri hiding in fire bowls, and in the middle Zi Ri reading gigantic books labelled "Orren Porn". Only the latter Zi Ri was blue or feathered. The rest looked more like Hezimikkinen done in various other colors -- reasonable enough, Hezimikkinen is the only other Zi Ri that Floosh has seen.

And of course it had the number 45 in the middle in shiny gold icing.

Me:"Flooooooooooooooooooosh? What's the 45 about?"

Floosh:"I was hoping you could tell me."

Me:"I can't tell you. I've never met the number before."

Floosh:"Well, your secret admirer told me to put it there."

Me:"Who is this secret admirer?"

Floosh:"I don't know. She didn't leave a name." [Floosh is using the pronoun for a Sleeth, which doesn't specify gender. -bb]

Me:"Tell me more?"

Floosh:"There's not so much to tell. A Sleeth slunk into my bakery and ordered a fancy cake for you. She said to decorate it a lot, and put a 45 on it. And paid cash ... and left a big tip in advance."

Me:"That's odd. What color and sex of a Sleeth?"

Floosh:"Light blue with sort of orangey highlights, which is pretty odd for a Sleeth. I'm not sure about her sex. She wasn't wearing any clothes, but I didn't happen to ogle her privates."

Me:"That doesn't sound like anySleeth I know."

Floosh:"Probably someone in disguise then. She seemed terribly nervous when she was in the bakery, too. Maybe not really a Sleeth -- I imagine some of your friends do that Cloak of Another God trick you do."

Me:"Not so many do, but some. Or it could be an actual Sleeth from the Night of a Thousand Sleeth, just with a color illusion. I'd bet on Denaist and Thestra ... maybe Thestra struck it rich and decided to do something nice but odd. She does that from time to time."

Floosh:"Well, if you figure it out, tell me." She gave the cake to Jarmiet, who took it to the kitchen.

Floosh:"Anyways, good to see you. What are you up to this week? "

Me:"Oh! More doom, of course."

Floosh:"With which Orren this time? Or is it a Sleeth?"

Me:"Cani and Gormoror... actually, could you stay a bit? Maybe you could help."

Floosh:"Do tell."

So I did.

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