Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Cani Loyalty, Gormoror Honor [24 Trandary 4262]

Loukerax:"Who is this doggie, and why is she climbing on me?"

Anoof:"She's our fiancee." Anoof, naturally, wants to minimize the connection between Enziet and Loukerax, and to maximize the connection between Enziet and himself. Rather, he'd be glad to see the last of Enziet, but since Havune has affan in matters of the engagement, Anoof is loyally trying to act the way he'd act if he were devoutly engaged.

Me:"And you might recognize her. She certainly recognizes you." I was either (a) respecting Anoof's true spirit and intentions in this matter, or (b) being snarkily traff. I'm not sure which.

Loukerax:"She does look familiar -- but why does she not introduce herself? Why does she merely tug upon my arm and cry silently?"

Anoof:"Thus do you honor your former liaison with her." He flicked his tail somewhat and glanced at me. I interpreted the flick as saying "I would really rather not be taunting a huge Gormoror man about matters of honor for the sake of a fiancee whom I do not actually wish to marry, but Cani betimes do insane things for the sake of loyalty". This interpretation is largely conjecture. I'm sure Narngi and Enzietand Byalar knew exactly what he meant. This is why I do not lust after Cani. Cursed Cani.

Loukerax:"She does look passing familiar ... yet ... I recall no liaisons with mute Cani girls."

Me:"She left her voice behind, and all for the love of you." I do not know why I was talking funny. It seemed like the right thing to do. ... perhaps it makes me sound more archaic and thus more powerful? Or more like Vae, and thus more powerful? Not sure.

Enziet:(Nodded frantically, wagged her tail a lot.)

Loukerax:"Hah! This is not distinctive! After a night with me, few are capable of coherent speech!" Good Gormoror manners with strangers include a large dose of boasting. I had not seen this in action before. It's pretty annoying, even if it is a matter of etiquette rather than true character.

Enziet:(Howled soundlessly.)

Narngi:"Heartless barbarian! You heap jealousy upon sorrow upon Enziet's head!"

Loukerax:"... Enziet? ..."

This was one of those times in which I was very glad to be Zi Ri. In this case, because I was small enough to hide under the couch.

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