Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Bear in the Big Blue House [24 Trandary 4262]

Bribing the City Guards

I did, after some bickering, extract Loukerax's Word of Honor that he wouldn't start any fights for three days, that he'd respect my wishes (which is sort of like obeying my orders, except a lot less) for three days, and that he'd stay in my house for three days. The last clause was a mistake. All I actually meant was that he'd stay in my city, but that's not what I said, and it's not what he swore.

Which meant that I had to take him to Quelldrie House immediately.

The City Guard still keeps a few extra observers at the Halflight Gate when I meet Vae. Today's explosions (emotional) had brought extra observers.

Seeks-Calliopes:"Hi, Sythyry, Loukerax. What was going on out there?"

Loukerax:"Not a proud day for me, Orren girl!"

Me:"I rescued Loukerax from Vae, sort of." And went on to explain.

Seeks-Calliopes:"You have to learn how to talk to people, not just kill them, Loukerax!"

Me:"You know Loukerax?"

Seeks-Calliopes:"He's an occasional member of L'Epee Epicee ... how long has it been, Loukerax?"

Loukerax:"Two years! Two years and more since I last came to Vheshrame!"

Me:"I must remember not to join. I have enough adventures as it is."

Loukerax:"Now, enough of this delaying! I must go to my imprisonment in Quelldrie House forthwith!"

Gate-Captain:"I need to finish writing this report, and then Sythyry needs to sign it, first."

Me:"Can I sign it and then you write it? Seeks-whatevers, can you make sure it's right?"

Seeks-Calliopes:"Seeks-Calliopes. OK, but you'll owe me a cup of wine."

Gate-Captain:"Me, too."

Me:"Pretty cheap bribe."

Gate-Captain:"Pretty cheap cheating, too."


Me:"Ghirbis, this is Loukerax. Loukerax, my roommate Ghirbis." I explained the situation. Loukerax excused himself and went to the bathroom.

Ghirbis:"Sythyry, you were inspired!"

Me:"I was?"

Ghirbis:"By your blind date."

Me:"How about you don't mention that ever again, especially around someone who might take offense at some aspects of it, and who outweights me by a factor of about thirty?"

Ghirbis:"Is he your lover?"


Ghirbis:"And he's stuck in Quelldrie House for three days?"


Ghirbis:"Is he traff?"

Me:"I have no idea, and I'm not going to find out either."

Ghirbis:"Perhaps I shall tell you!"

Me:"Bored of your Cani?"

Ghirbis:"Gormoror are just like Cani, only bigger."


Ghirbis:"I shall count that as permission to try him out!"

Me:"Whatever you like. Just no doom for me, please."

More Introductions

Me:"Byalar, this is Loukerax. Loukerax, this is Byalar the Broccoli Winebucket Lavender Tights." I explained a little of the situation.

Byalar:"Byalar te-Braccath Oineract Lavender-Spray Tright, to be more accurate."


Loukerax:"Noble scholar, I salute you!"

Byalar:"Are you a poet, by any chance?"

Loukerax:"In some small way, I am."

Byalar:"Have you heard any of Narvondrex' poems?"

Loukerax:"By my blood, I surely have! Narvondrex is the father of my far-cousin!"

Byalar:"I thought I recognized the clan-symbols. Excellent! Perhaps we can have a chanting-out sometime while you're here."

Loukerax:"Very well! Tonight we shall see whose chanting is supreme!"

Me:"I'm going to go to the kitchen and see if there are any noiseproof vegetables that will actually fit into my ears."

Byalar:"How did you decide to stay in Quelldrie House? Are you Sythyry's latest consort?"


Loukerax:"Zie rescued me from a nendrai!"

Me:"That doesn't mean I have to take you as my consort."

Byalar:"There's really a nendrai?"

Me:"Yes. Could you explain it, Loukerax? I'm going to go hide in a fireplace."

Still More Introductions

Me:"Anoof, Narngi, Enziet, this is..."

Enziet: (frantic waving and flailing and weeping)

Me:"Are you OK, Enziet?"

Anoof:"Sythyry? Why on wood did you bring her long-lost love to Quelldrie House?"

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