Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC: Spam

I would like to thank you for taking out time to read my mail. My name
is Mrs. Jemi
Al Mosorati, I am 79 years old. I am a citizen of Palestine. I need
your assistance to help me carry out an assignment.
About five days ago, I was informed by my doctor that I have cancer of
the heart and I have only a few months left to live. At about the last
weeks of November last year I lost all my family in Gazar when Israeli
military soldiers attacked the Palestine territory. My husband and I
were just inside the house when I decided to walk a few blocks to get
some food items for the family when I returned home I found out that
the whole family had been killed.
I have a grandson who is in Europe; he is about 24 years old. His name
is Steve Ahmed Stables. He is my daughter's child but unfortunately his
father and my daughter also died in the attack as they were around on a
I need someone who can help me set him up and work with him. I have
$13million United States Dollars, of which I want him to have $3million
and then the rest will be given to an orphanage home but based on the
young age of the child, my mind will never be at rest if I send him
that money because I am afraid that the money might destroy him, even
if I send him the money he might not give the other part to the
orphanage which is also my will; based on my limited time to live, I
need you to help keep this money on trust for him till he becomes a
man. For doing this you will be given $8 hundred thousand Dollars, and
the remaining $9.2 million will be distributed to various orphanage
homes all over the world. If this is okay by you please reach me as
soon as possible so that we can proceed. All reply must be sent through
same box.

I have been married to my husband at the age of 21, my husband is 5
years older than me; we have been working for over 50 years. This
wealth cost us a lot. I am not ready to lose it into the hands of the
wrong person. Please I need a dedicated person.

Thank you,
Mrs. Jemi Almosorati

Oh, I'm entirely the wrong person. Almost every Monday, I encourage my best friends to rampage around and kill people so they can steal peoples' money. About one Sunday a month I do the rampaging and killing myself. Why, not but a few weeks ago I flooded an entire village of almost eighty people, killing about seventy of them -- so I could steal their sauerkraut! It wasn't very tasty, but it did improve my concentration immensely, as you can tell from the laser-sharp focus that this letter has.

Have you considered setting up a trust fund?

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