Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Time to Feed the Nendrai [24 Trandary 4292]

Me:"Gah. Jarmiet, could you make me a quick lunch? Are there any of those grilled beetles left over, maybe, or some sorrel fritters? Something quick, though. I need to go feed the nendrai."

Jarmiet:"Cold grilled chub beetles and turnip cakes in your choice of mayonnaise or xhangoise sauce, ready when you are. Or did you mean that you were going to take some leftovers to the nendrai? ... I kind of wish you wouldn't do that with my cooking. You never know just what's an arcane connection, or what a monster can do with one."

Me:"I wouldn't worry. She's a pretty harmless nendrai."

Byalar:"I should think so!"

Jarmiet:"As nendrai go, I do hear that she is. And I'll pack lunch for her if you ask it of me." Good Cani are loyal to a fault, and Jarmiet is, indeed, good Cani. "But I'd rather you did't."

Me:"Oh, I won't. I've got some fancy glass beads and a loaf of mushroom-pumpernickle bread from Flooooooosh for her. I wouldn't feed her leftovers."

Jarmiet:"Oh, I'm glad to hear that! Mayonnaise or xhangoise?"

Byalar:"You're sounding almost worried, Jarmiet!"

Me:"Mayonnaise, if you please, Jarmiet." I'm not sure exactly why one says "if you please" to the Cani girl whose salary one pays about three-quarters of, but one does, generally, use fancier polite language with a servant than, say, Crown Prince Nestrune Kreslink of Daukrhame, if one happens to be on conversational terms with both of them. (Or, on second thought, perhaps the fancy polite language has an effect. I'd certainly rather see Jarmiet of a morning than Nestrune!)

Jarmiet:"And here are your turnip cakes with mayonnaise, and beetles. I've sliced the beetles already, if it please you."

(Which it did. My favorite knife has gone missing, and the smallest sharp-enough table knife looks like a hardened glass sword in my paw.)

Byalar:"Gla tsüutten varghi nembesf Grahn / Kveldra Syth'ry deonde&oulm;rdset she hverd tshrahn!"

Me:"What?" Fortunately, I was busy engulfing turnip cakes in mayonnaise as quickly as possible, so I didn't have to come up with a witticism in response to that, which is good, 'cause I couldn't think of anything.

Byalar:"It's from the Ode of Grahn, when he takes up a sword to cut off Blue Trumgullion's tail."

Me:"Well, I'm not cutting off Vae's tail. I'm placating her with earrings and pumpernickle."

Jarmiet:[loyally]"And a good thing that is. I never saw such a spook as that giant illusion of the Duke a-peeing on the city."

Byalar:"There's a real nendrai, making mockings of your duke?"

Me:"No, no, not that at all. Nothing like that. The nendrai actually got rid of the illusion."

Byalar:"Why did it do that?" He used the most general pronoun.

Me:"She, not it." I used a pronoun for intelligent creatures who might or might not be prime, which is nicer than the one for creatures who are definitely not prime. Even though Vae is definitely not prime. "I asked her to get rid of it."

Byalar:"You did?"

Me:"Yes. I'm the Vheshrame ambassador to her."

Byalar:"Remarkable." His "Remarkable." was the least impressed-sounding "Remarkable." that has ever been remarked since the word was invented.

Jarmiet:"And a good thing too!" She's either quite loyal, or glad someone else is dealing with Vae.

Byalar:"Naturally. Well,I daresay you should be getting to your appointment with the beast."

Me:"Yeek! I should!" And I flew off in a bit of a freneticity.

I am pleasantly surprised at how much attention Cani servant-girls are paying to my High and Important Office. I should see if any Orren servant-girls are similarly attentive.... Well, that, or just concentrate on studying and students like I had planned.

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