Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Indignities [21 Trandary 4262]

Prince Nestrune Kreslink

Me:"I do believe you're supposed to threaten me now."

Nestrune:"I beg your pardon?"

Me:"Or throw brandy to me."

Nestrune:"What am I missing?"

Me:"I thought your secret spies told you whenever I had anything to do with one of your subjects."

Nestrune:"You're back with Ilottat? I was wondering when that would happen."

Me:"Why on wood would I do that?"

Nestrune:"I evidently need to pay my secret spies better. Or flog them more. What happened?"

So I told him of my date with Jrakh, albeit in less detail than is presented here.

Nestrune:"Oh, I see! Did you do thus-and-so with her?"

Me:"Well, um, no."

Nestrune:"A pity, she's very good at it. How about such-and-such?"

Me:"Not that either."

Nestrune:"No? How about this-and-that? "

Me:"No, we didn't."

Nestrune:"Can a Zi Ri do this-and-that? I should ask Ilottat, he'd know."

Me:"I'd know too, and yes, we can."

Nestrune:"Oh, I'm sure Ilottat knows a good deal more about what Zi Ri can do than you do ... than you will learn in a thousand years!."


So I flew off to Floosh's bakery.


Floosh:"Hallo, Sythyry. How are you and your new girlfriend doing?"

Me:"My, news travels fast! According to eminent authorities, we are not utilizing her full capabilities, and probably will not get to."

Floosh:"This is the, um, black-handed Orren girl?"

Me:"No. The black-handed Orren girl broke up with me."

Floosh:"And you didn't come get a consolation poptaloop?"

Me:"No, I didn't think to."

Floosh:"Well, too late now, since you seem to have another girlfriend. Tell me about her?"

Me:"Not a girlfriend, just a date with another student. An all-night date."

Floosh:"One can do worse than an all-night date!"

Me:"Well, I evidently got her bottom grade of service for the date. And don't get another one."

Floosh:"You paid her?"


Floosh:"Calm down, Sythyry! You nearly scorched my toque!"

Me:"You really think I should be hiring prostitutes?"

Floosh:"I didn't say that! You were talking about her services, as though she were hireable."

Me:"Not for hire. I guess she's a public charity though."

Floosh stared at me for a moment, hard. "Here. Have a poptaloop."

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