Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Cheerful! [21 Trandary 4262]

Anoof:"Good morning, Sythyry. You're looking remarkably well-rested considering that you didn't come home last night."

Me:"One advantage of sleeping with someone else is that you don't get woken up by the neighbors throwing a log through your window rather after midnight."

Anoof:"Have they ever done that?"

Me:"Not in Quelldrie House. One of Ghirbis' roommates did something like that back when she was my Evil Neighbor not my Evil Roommate."

Anoof:"Which Rassimel girl did you spend the night with? Not Esory, not with that quingent edge to her scent." (That's a fancy Cani word for something I can't smell. Not that I could smell Jrakh on me at all.)

Me:"I had forgotten getting married to you!"

Anoof:"Beg pardon?"

Me:"If you are not my husband, how is it that you must know who I am spending the night with?"

Anoof:"I am your confidant, your go-between, your romantic advisor! Also, your roommates are supposed to keep track of these things."

Me:"I'll go tell Dustweed straightaway then."

Anoof:"Actually, don't. Zie's all miserable and lonely."

Me:"Missing Tethezai?"

Anoof:"Missing affection, at any rate."

Me:"I'll go be friendly to Dustweed. I've got cheerful to spare!"

Anoof:"Skipping breakfast?"

Me:"I had a poptaloop on the way here."

Dustweed was sitting in the parlor, eating porridge with a middle hand and reading a book about beet farming with zir upper hands. Zie was entirely naked. The sight would have sent nearly any Herethroy into paroxysms of despair and disgust, but I'm used to it.

Me:[cheerfully]"Good morning!"

Dustweed:[irritatedly]"Don't I get any privacy in here?"

Me:"In a house full of Cani? Absolutely not."

Dustweed:"You're not one of the Cani though."

Me:"Absolutely not."

Dustweed:"Good thing, or Ghirbis would have seduced you seven times already."

Me:"The way she did with Anoof?" She didn't with Anoof. Well, as far as I know, not being Cani or anything.

Dustweed:"But I'm not talking that kind of privacy. I don't let the Cani walk in on me naked either."

Me:"You're sitting in a parlor with an open window."

Dustweed:"Which nobody but you thinks is a reasonable way in."

Me:"And you're not showing off anything I haven't seen two hundred times."

Dustweed:"You usually turned your back and averted your eyes politely when I changed clothes! Or so I thought."

Me:"The back wall of the fireplace was shiny and reflective."

Dustweed:"Maybe the day we moved in."

Me:"OK, I sometimes peeked."

Dustweed:"You stereotypical trafflet!"

Me:"I do my best!"

Dustweed:"Why didn't you realize what I am before mid-year, if you peeked?"

Me:"An inadequate grounding in Herethroy porno... anatomy. Anatomy."

Dustweed:"Ah. So you had an adequate grounding in non-representational Herethroy pornography?"

Me:"Adequate for my purposes! Which are, admittedly, not that extensive."

Dustweed:"Well, if I've got you in a reproductive frenzy, I think I shall go back to my room and get dressed."


Dustweed:"Have a delightful morning!"Zie stalked off on four legs, looking rather pleased with zirself for getting the better of me.


  1. Jrakh took me to a puppet show.

    One of those puppet shows. It was nominally Olipus and Mirinda, but, well, in the original Olipus and Mirinda, O. and M. spent about 7/8 of the play getting to their engagement. Yes, there is one scene in the marriage bed, and yes, what do you expect from a marriage bed, but it's not usually an erotic scene. Rather the opposite, since Olipus is discussing murdering Deciander the whole time, and the whole thing is buried in blankets since, well, it's cold Surprise and Harmonia has previously ripped the roof off the house.

    In the puppet show, well, they zoomed through the first 7/8 of the story in about three minutes, and the marriage bed scene isn't nearly as dismal as it is in the original. Tuft Tuft (the pet cat who shows up in Act 2 but doesn't actually get a name) keeps wandering in and stealing blankets off the bed, grinning at the audience, and hiding them. O. and M. don't notice.

    And it's remarkable what can be done with a pair of Rassimel puppets. Simply remarkable.

  2. It's remarkable what can be done with a cooperative live Rassimel, too.
  3. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get a second chance, from Jrakh.
  4. Which is fine.
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