Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Ghosts of the Primary Colors [18 Trandary 4262]

I just had the oddest nightmare.

I had done something to offend the Ghosts of the Primary Colors. (As far as I know, awake, there are no Ghosts of the Primary Colors.) They were chasing me with evil intent. They were Rassimel in shape, but colored their own color, and they could fly nearly as fast as me (which is not so fast really). But they are deathless and tireless, and my wings were getting exhausted as I fled them. I had already flown from here to the spiky growth of the World Tree in the center of Ketheria, and was hoping to hide at the top of it, but they were catching up with me, when I realized how to really hide from the Ghosts of the Primary Colors. Blue had nearly caught me when I figured out how to spont Invisibility. "Curse zir! Zie's gone and unblued zir pretty little blue eyes!" said Blue in a fury.

So I flew down the tree away from them. I passed close enough to Blue that I could feel the wind of his flight stir my no-longer-blue feathers, but I think he only has power to sense blue things; he didn't seem to notice.

Then, since it's a dream and I'm even less sensible adream than I am awake, I flew into my bedroom at Quelldrie House. The doorlatch was broken, and the wind kept blowing it open, so I cast Wizard Lock on the door. (I don't have the spell grafted, and that's not what it's called anyways.) By dream-logic, though, Wizard Lock was a blue spell, and Blue burst through the door, furious. I created animate wooden clubs to bludgeon him (and that does sound like a good spell to graft sometime, even if ~mother~ decides I'm too much the adventurer -- I could threaten zir with them! (No, I wouldn't.)).

I had more or less rendered Blue unconscious, and all the blue things in the universe had faded to a sort of sickly pastel aqua, when I realized that killing a god -- well, the Ghost Of a Primary Color -- would be a Really Bad Thing. There was nothing for it; I had to heal him and let him go, and, since the wrath of a Ghost of a Primary Color is unrelenting, to stay invisible the rest of my life.

I decided to wake up instead. Sufficiently rattled that I thought I'd write this to calm down, before going back to bed.

[OOC: Once in a while, Sythyry's dreams to seem to leak over to reality. -bb]

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