Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Sleeth Feast [17 Trandary 4262]

Byalar:"Well, thank you very much, Sythyry, for a rather amusing and quite delicious luncheon. I so rarely get to dine with someone at all like your Baroness."

Ghirbis:[Singing to the tune of I Accidentally Screwed a Sleeth in Sleeburg]"♫I accidentally dined with a nendrai in Narglemont!♬"

Byalar:"Well, your Baroness is certainly good at spellcraft, to be sure, but she's no nendrai!"

I peered at his hat. When he came to the Cafe Dutoillier, his hat had a fashionable curl in the brim -- well, fashionable if it were early 4261, at least. When he departed from the Cafe Dutoillier, the curl of his hat had a spell on it, so that he could, if he wished, stuff an entire rolled-up carpet in it, and neither the weight nor the volume would be so much as to set his hat askew. This would make a challenging enchantment. Vae had managed to do it with a mere spell, which is far, far harder. Byalar is not a Visiting Scholar in Magic Theory, though, and unaware of such fine points.

Ghirbis:[recitative]"♫The baroness Vaisessasilmin is no nendrai ... but could she be a chromodon? a norren? a bonstable? a poptaloop? a mherobump? a vortex of immeasurable difficulty?♬"

Byalar:"Oh, that's directly frivolous. She's a Sleeth, as you very well know."

Ghirbis:[Back to I Accidentally Screwed a Sleeth in Sleeburg]"♫I accidentally mistook a Sleeth in Slutburg.♬"

Byalar:"Yes, Sleeth all are, aren't they? Is she one of your lovers, Sythyry?"

Me:"No. She is not."

Byalar:"But I thought that being transaffectionate was such a point of pride for you? Not that I understand such things of course."

Me:"Of course you have never so much as glanced at anybody who was not strictly and entirely Cani in your life."

Byalar:"Oh, pish! And again, pish! I dated a very sweet Rassimel woman for a year and a half, while I was getting engaged."

Ghirbis:"♫A hopeful sign! A light at the end of a dark, dark poptaloop!♬"

Me:"So you're really transaffectionate? You're just married 'cause Cani ought to be?"

Byalar:"Nothing of the sort! I definitely prefer Cani. But there's nothing wrong with dating around a bit with people you won't be marrying. As long as you don't get confused about which is which!"

Me:"So, I'd be allowed to date ... Strenata, say, not that I'm ever going to get to date Strenata ... as long as it wasn't very serious."

Byalar:"Sure, as long as it's just being frivolous and nobody of your own species is too unhappy thereby."

Me:"What if you fall in love?"

Byalar:"Then you'd better fall out of love as soon as you can arrange to do so!"

Ghirbis:[to the tune of a sports chant]"♫I do it right! I do it right! I do it right Right RIGHT!♬"

Me:"Me, too. Even if I'm trying to do it wrong."

Ghirbis:"Would you really want to have married Jinthinia? Or Ilottat, for gods' sake?"

Me:"Probably, if it were allowed." I hadn't really considered the question much before, but I'm impulsive and frequently haphazard.

Byalar:"Ah, after a few centuries, a marriage to a short-lived prime must seem like a temporary passtime!"

Me:[suddenly quite angry]"I'm younger than you. And that was a nendrai we had lunch with."

Byalar:[laughing]"Ho, ho, ho! We must permit the immortal zir little jests, Ghirbis. It is better to be remembered as the buttocks of jokes than not be remembered at all!"

Ghirbis:[recitative]"♫Zie is, indeed, younger than you. That was, indeed, a nendrai we dined with. You are, indeed, the tush of zir jokes.♬"

Byalar laughed, and I changed the topic to the Duke's clothing. Which, being a crucial bit of upper-class etiquette everywhere in the civilized world -- that polite people always know what the local Duke has been wearing lately, and have something to say about it -- of course Byalar was wholly ignorant, not just of the details of clothing (as a glance at him would show), but of the custom as well.

It seems like a Zi Ri lifetime before I can get rid of this roommate. I should never have let him live with us. I don't like foreigners. I learned that with Iska, for gods' sakes.

I was distracted, yes, by being broken up with by Jinthinia.

I should never have let her break up with me.

And my attempt to intimidate or prank Byalar seems to have failed, due to his refusing to realize what I had done!

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