Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Just Desserts. [That's All.] [17 Trandary 4262]

The wagging white waitress came with wild duck pate and sweet pickled olives and intricate confections of spun sugar.

Byalar:"Ah, wild duck pate! Baroness, perhaps you have hunted wild ducks, could you describe how they are caught?"(Translation: I know you're a Sleeth, so let me be polite to you in the right way for being polite to a Sleeth.)

Baroness Vaisessasilmin:"The gladsomely! The hunting of wild ducks for me is a happy joy, by means of a transformation into a slithering aerial viper and then lurking and pouncing and biting with venomsome fangs!" [Translation: I routinely hunt in the freakiest way imaginable. I routinely talk in the freakiest way imaginable. Also I hate my arms and legs.]

Me:"The baroness, for reasons that quite elude me, is none too fond of her arms and legs."[Translation: Sythyry is unwise.]

Byalar:"Alas! For the arms and legs I see are quite comely, and the rest of the baroness as well -- such parts as are visible, I mean. Of course I mean no impropriety thereby. I simply admire her from across the table, which is a respectable and respectful distance."[Translation: Her current body is pretty but fake, and I (Byalar) am not traff, so nyah.]

Baroness Vaisessasilmin:"Not very often do they do what I want, nor do they serve me so well. The creature of heand and tail alone might I be, and happier so."[Translation: I'm a nendrai. A morose nendrai with body-dysphoria issues.]

Byalar:"Well, I'm sure that a few dancing lessons would make you feel much happier of your feet! The hands, ah, the hands surely are much harder. You do not seem the sort of baroness who works much with her hands."[Translation: I still think you're a Sleeth., and I ignore all other interpretations.]

Baroness Vaisessasilmin:"Not a dancing-master on the branch would take me for a student."[Translation: I'm not a prime, and I'm on the edge of breaking down in bloody glass tears, so Sythyry better change the subject real fast to something more cheerful.]

Sythyry:"Byalar te-Braccath Oineract Lavender-Spray Tright! Tell us of the horrible monsters of Curuneia!"[Translation: I am so tired of comforting crying nendrai, I can't think.]

Byalar:"The horrible monsters...? It is a tolerably civilized place!"[Translation: "Is my homeland somehow notorious for horrible monsters in Ketheria? That is silly! It is a tolerably civilized place!]

Ghirbis:"Oh, ♫ A monster appears, as if from nowhere -- behold, a monster, in the darkness of the night! A monster appears, as if a fool spoke a phrase -- behold, a monster, in the depths of mysterio!♬"[Translation: without singing, I would have no personality.]

Me:"What is that from, anyways?"[Translation: "Behold, I have forgotten my attempt to keep Vae from crying!"]

Ghirbis:"Something from Pennypell, I forget what."[Translation: I know so many operas that I can't keep them all straight.]

Byalar:"But, has Curuneia somehow acquired a terrible reputation for being monster-ridden?"[Translation: I am a brilliant international scholar; I can keep my mind on one thing for two minutes in a row!]

Ghirbis:"Oh, there are monsters everywhere. We may be in a civilized land here -- a few people say that we are; I am not one of them -- but there is a nendrai at lurk about the countryside!"[Translation: Sythyry, I hereby endeavour to ruin your secret.]

Byalar:"Really?"[Translation: Ghirbis, I know better than to believe a single thing you say.]

Baroness Vaisessasilmin:"Oh, yes, and not two miles is her home from mine."[Translation: not two miles... not even two inches!]

Byalar:"Remarkable! You must make your home in the wildest part of your barony."[Translation: I know you're a Sleeth.]

Baroness Vaisessasilmin:"The truth is in what you say! The wilds seem to suit me best, the most of days. Though it's to the Cafe Dutoillier I will come now and then."[Translation: I don't think I'm a Sleeth.]

Me:"Come, Byalar! Let us not tease the Baroness for choosing the rustic life. Surely you, yourself, would relish the opportunity of a quaint country cottage, a few guntries to herd, a couple of wives and husbands in pastoral garb, a reed pipe to tootle...?"[Translation: You, sir, are fat: too fat for such pleasures. Or, they're not really pleasures.]

Byalar:"Alas, no; those are pleasures reserved for other people than I!"[Translation: I'm a fat city-dweller, as would anyone be who could, silly.]

Baroness Vaisessasilmin:"Not a one of those do I have!"[Translation: I don't have any of those!]

Byalar:"You're not married? At your age?"[Translation: of course a Sleeth wouldn't marry.]

Baroness Vaisessasilmin:"Far too young I am by far!"[Translation: a year or two at least!]

Waitress:"Here's the dessert menu."[Translation: Observe our peerless service, unmatched anywhere from here to Vheshrame, for which we must be well-tipped!]

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