Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Planning...[15 Trandary 4262]

You need to read the previous entry first.

The next day, after class, I headed out to my part-time job and full-time doom. I received a small pot of slightly Herbador-flavored honey (worth eighty lozens, retail, to an enchanter or tree-mage), and gave her in exchange three paper cones full of toasted spiced seeds (worth, in total, almost half a lozen) and a used copy of a book of Aradrueian children's poems titled Now We Are Nine (worth a lozen new, and probably half that used). If one measured the result as if it were an encounter between lovers, Vae got far and away the better deal.

Afterwards, we talked, and I suggested my latest insidious plan.

Vae:"There'd be such a happiness on me for the helping of you! The tail is at your service, like."

Me:"Oh, thank you, Vae."

Vae:"Only, you mayn't have The Conversation with me this time, for it's you who were asking for my help."

Me:"Of course not!"

Vae:"The it's my payment, like."

Me:"Cheap at twice the price!"

Vae:"The excellent! You mayn't have The Conversation with me next time, either."

Me:"Well, OK."

Vae:"The Conversation doesn't do any good, does it?"

Me:"Well, no."

Vae:"Done, then! And where shall I go? And what shall I do?"

So I told her.

Vae:"Not a bit of harm do I see in that!"

Me:"No more do I."

Vae:"It's forward I'm looking to it!"

And she skipped off to home. I didn't know a lizard could skip. I certainly can't.

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