Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Breakup [10 Trandary 4262]

Reason that Jinthinia Broke Up With Me The Truth What I Shall Do About It
I will only consider students for roommates. This is a sign of disrespect for her and people like her. How could a non-student -- and a never-student in particular -- appreciate the life of a student? Be sympathetic to our late nights, our periodic urgencies, our terrible distress in matters of homework or examination, our desparate need for revelry? Rent the room to a student!
She envies my adventuring prowess, and the ease and privelege by which I got ahold of a supreme and very easy adventuring gig. I hate the gig, I wish I weren't an adventurer, and I've been trying to stop since I started. Telling her this did not improve the situation. No choice at the moment.
I am unkind about her child, and have avoided having lunch with them or particularly meeting the kid. Her child is a frequent source of difficulties in seeing her at hours when I can see her, an insipid topic of conversation, and no particular concern of mine. Not that Jinthinia shouldn't care about Kixikou, but, well, Mul-Mul can (and does) take care of him sometimes -- lots of times -- and when Jinthinia and I manage to get time together, she should spend time with me. Nothing.
I am insuffiently cautious about her privacy as traff. Her friends are beginning to suspect. Maybe right, but I think they suspect from long since. I hate this one! Ilottat did it to me too!
She is (financially) embarrassed by our dates. I pay for a lot, she for a little. Hmph. I intend to have ~mother~ pay my bills for as long as possible!
She is Orren; she never stays with anyone for more than a few weeks. This is hard to deny, given what is said about her at Across Saga. I shall swear off Orren for life.

And, to add humiliation to angrish [sic], I spent the next hour or so whimpering at Anoof. The most sympathetic shoulder to cry on would be cisaffectionate. Hmph.

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