Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC: Come Play Terrible Butterflies

Time for Terrible Butterflies, the role-playing game!

Terrible Butterflies is the RPG that I've been fussing with the last couple months. (People in the Play-By-Email playtest campaign are invited to comment on it.)

The premise: It's Thursday, January 11, 1990, in an Earth which superficially resembles this one. Last night, the souls of some 10th grade students at Clayton High School were eaten by nonsentient giant astral caterpillars. The caterpillars then metamorphosed into newly-sentient astral butterflies -- that's you. You're intelligent, good of character, magically mighty, and already guilty of one heinous deed.

Given way too much power, given that you're secretly a horrible soul-devouring monster but generally identify as more or less human, and given that you're fundamentally a decent person ... what do you do?

The game will be alternate Monday evenings, at Chez Gargoyle in northern Westchester. I'd like to start on Monday, March 19.

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