Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Of The Prospective Roommates [9 Trandary 4262]

The Cani instantly gave me affan in choosing the next roommate.

Me:"How is it that I'm in charge of deciding who lives here?"

Ghirbis:"I picked Agrimony. You picked everyone else."

Me:"Not strictly true!"

Dustweed:"And there was with Iska."

Ghirbis:"What incident with Iska?"

Me:"Never mind."

Ghirbis:"Sythyry was involved with Iska once?"

Anoof:"No wonder zie despises her!"

Narngi:"Zie detests her poor judgment. In getting involved with zir."

Me:"I now grant affan in roommate choosing to Ghirbis. She only chose Agrimony. I chose Anoof and Narngi."

This did not suffice to getting rid of affan in choosing the next roommate.


Ghirbis:"I spoke with one Drascurrie. He is a very tidy terrier-styled Cani boy, from a respectable bookbinder's family."

Me:"What does he study?"

Ghirbis:"Well, bookbinding."

Me:"Weren't we going to find another student? With the example of horrid Dubaille in front of us?"

Ghirbis:"But he's quite nice."

Anoof:"How many Cani boys do you need?"

Ghirbis:"I'm a collector!"


Dustweed:"How about Verphlange?"

Me:"Who is Verphlange?"

Dustweed:"The Gormoror history student."



Anoof:"Reasons of species." He scowled and flicked his tail around angrily.

Narngi:[loyally]"I, too, veto Verphlange."

Me:"Right then."


Later, I whispered to zir, "Enziet likes Gormoror."


Dustweed:"Then I propose Brangwoe."

Me:"Who is Brangwoe?"

Anoof:"A jerk! A lout! A complex pustule on the face of the Academy!"

Me:"Anoof evidently votes in favor of Brangwoe."

Dustweed:"What's wrong with Brangwoe? He seems like a nice enough Orren."

Narngi:"Sythyry evidently votes in favor of Brangwoe."

Me:"Everyone evidently votes in favor of Brangwoe, but, somehow, he is not accepted."

Anoof:"Brangwoe does not pay his gambling debts, and he has used wenezza to fornicate with girls who might, of their own free will, not fornicated with him."

Narngi:"Right. Veto. We'll take perverts, but not wicked ones."

Me:"I am endlessly reassured by your compassion for my plight."


Narngi:"How about Msesc?"

Me:"Heavens. Really?"

Dustweed:"Who is Msesc?"

Me:"Rassimel. Dyes her fur black. Recites doom poetry at any opportunity. Fills a room with moroseness in six seconds flat."

Narngi:"I was hoping we could, well, cheer her up or something."

Me:"Are we a house of rehabilitation?"

Narngi:"No, but ..."

Anoof:"Why is she so morose?"

Narngi:"Bad grades, mostly, and she killed her sister when she was six. Semi-intentionally."

Children do kill each other, and themselves, with spontaneous magic, from time to time. Often it is accidental. Sometimes, they do it on purpose, fighting over a toy or something. Not recommended. Zi Ri are rarely at risk for this. If Hezimikkinen were to kill me, it would be no accident.

Me:"She's been morose all her life since then?"

Narngi:"More or less."

Me:"Well, does anyone but Narngi think it would be a good idea to have a mopey Rassy as a roommate?"

Anoof:[loyally]"If Narngi thinks it is an excellent idea, she might well be right."

Narngi:"Just maybe worth investigating."

Anoof:"Well, if there are no other good options, let us investigate this one further."






Me:"Why, unwise?"

Narngi:"Sleeth. Unwise."

Me:"Rhedwy's a Sleeth. She's not so awful."

Ghirbis:"... For a Sleeth."

Anoof:"Which pretty much rules Gerpounce out."

Me:"I beg your pardon? You don't even know Gerpounce."

Anoof:"If we've got friends of Rhedwy here, Gerpounce will consider Quelldrie House to be Rhedwy's territory."

Me:"Oh. Right."

Anoof:"But that's not the real reason we can't consider Gerpounce."

Me:"What is the real reason we can't consider Gerpounce?"

Anoof:"We can't have two people with the same first syllable. It's bad luck if two people even have the same letter!"

Narngi:"That's a silly superstition. And mostly applies to adventurers anyways"

Anoof:"Not true. Anoof and Agrimony, and we had a bit of doom. Besides, with Sythyry here, we're probably adventurers."

Ghirbis:"Besides, 'ghir' sounds nothing like 'ger'."

Me:"To you, maybe. They sound the same to the rest of us."

Ghirbis:"Ignorant Choinxeians!"

Me:"Arhoolie-tongued Yistreain!"

Dustweed:"Shush, both of you!"

Me:"Right. Any more suggestions on roommates?"

There were none.


Anoof:"Sythyry, you've got affan. You're not supposed to look mopey and overwhelmed now. You're supposed to deliver a rousing speech about how we can't give up hope after only one day."

Me:"Right. OK. We're doomed, disgraced, deprived, defeated, despoiled, desparate, desecrated, dehypnotized, deglazed, and probably demolished as well -- but we are not defeated!"

Ghirbis:"Are you sure?"

Me:"Quite sure. We are not defeated!"

Anoof:"But you said we were defeated."

Me:"Oh, right. We are defeated. But we're not ... um ... detartrated."

Anoof:"Detartrated? You can do better than that."

Me:"Defenestrated! We may be doomed and all of that, and even defeated, but we are not defenestrated."

Anoof:"OK. Enough of a speech. Let's defenestrate Sythyry."

So they did, with great glee and a great purple pillow. I'm not a very strong flier; I had to drop the pillow.

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