Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Study Party! [7 Trandary 4262]

The first study party of the semester! Yay! Just as if I were an actual student, instead of a part-time ambassador and part-time pervert and would-be enchanter and all that.

So, attending this party were: Anoof and Narngi and Leiska (and Enziet, who is not studying); Ghirbis Vlaan; Jrakh; Pazi-Pazi; Whiskey; Vingi; Raom; Irigatur. I didn't know Raom before. He's a freshman, an Orren, and a cutie.

Whiskey:"Woo-hoo! This is practically the next meeting of the Vheshrame Academy Traff Association!"

Irigatur:"Where by 'practically' you mean 'not'."

Whiskey:"Look around! Everyone's traff but you, Irigatur!"

Narngi:"Well, and me. And Anoof and Leiska."

Anoof:"And Pazi-Pazi."

Irigatur:"And Vingi."

Jrakh:"And Raom."

Raom gave a shy little tee-hee. Raom is a cutie.

Cauldron of Wisdom

Lacking a recently-boiled chamberpot, we settled for the next best thing as the Cauldron of Wisdom, which is to say, a bowl of pretzels. As is traditional, each scholar here assembled must find focussed declarative sentences in their material of study, and write them on strips of wood without their subjects. And then we pull them out, read them with our own names in front, and whoever is the funniest, must drink.

(I miss Thery, who used to love Cauldron of Wisdom above all else. Except, it seems in retrospect that she actually loved Yarwain more.)

So, what was Sythyry tonight?

Gigglebait, that's what. Cute Orren boy gigglebait.

  1. Sythyry is haunted by her father's personal and political legacy.

    Ghirbis Vlaan:"Woo! Woooooo!"

    Jrakh:"Ooh, who's Sythyry wooing now?"

    Whiskey:"Some swimmy, I'll tell you that much!"

    Raom:cute little giggle

  2. Sythyry is a good candidate for a naturalistic garden, because zir nectar attracts birds, bees, and butterflies.

    Jrakh:"And Orren"

    Me:"I think that's backwards."

    Raom:embarrassed cute little giggle

  3. Sythyry is taking aggressive action to protect his girlfriend.

    Jrakh:"Does Sythyry even have a girlfriend?"

    Me:"Yes, actually, more or less. Outside the Academy though. And more than capable of taking her own aggressive action! She's got a sword, and knows how to use it."

    Raom:embarrassed cute disappointed little pout

  4. Sythyry is as indulgent and cathartic as a pint of brandy ice cream.

    Jrakh:"Ooh, a pint of Sythyry."

    Me:"Taken just before you put on a show of marital prowess for the empire of Dlesty, no doubt."

    Jrakh:"Hey, I said I was sorry!"

    Whiskey:"How about ... Whiskey cream?"

    Me:"Ask me the day after my girlfriend dumps me."

    Whiskey:"Be sure to let me know!"

    Raom:possibly giggled...?

  5. Sythyry is a semivowel.

    Jrakh:"I have no idea how to turn that into an innuendo."

    Me:"That is because you are on the verge of succumbing to my semivocalic wiles!"

    Raom:cute embarrassed little titter.

I wasn't the drunkest person in the room by that point -- Vingi got the best laughs, reading everything in a rather confused Yistreian yokel accent -- but, well, exactly what were my fidelity arrangements with Jinthinia?

We never really got around to discussing that, did we?

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