Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,


Course Teacher Other Students Schedule Notes
Applied Enchantment V Prof. Alzagond Esory, Rhedwy, Irigatur Every morning at dawn Every morning, at dawn, now and for the rest of my life probably. Bah. I need to hold plays and parties in the early evening. Or take naps.
Independent Study on Nendrai Prof. Wynge Seeks-Little-Piggies, Rhedwy, and Fiarel (when she bothers showing up in our reality, which isn't very often.) Every 9th day, afternoon, in the buttery Mostly an excuse to write up our paper about what Txiane did to Vae.
Sorcery in a Present Time Dargwyn the usual suspects 1st and 14th of every month Another excuse to turn a miserable reality into course credit, and, in this case, to satisfy my ~mother~ about taking enough magic courses.
Herbador, Music, and Religion Vizz Zanniajaia late on the 2nd, 5th, and 8th days Well, this one fits my schedule, has a cute Orren girl in it (is she traff? Would she appreciate an offer? I still have no idea!), and is at least nominally a magic class. It's a very confusing topic -- what does plant magic have to do with music? What does music have to do with religion? For that matter, the connections between plant magic (viz. manipulating the goddess Lenhirrik into doing things) and religion (viz., honoring and petting the gods) isn't that strong either. Vizz is a young professor and nobody has much to say about him. Anyways, it fits my schedule, and I might as well know something about music.
The Economics of Cley Briz-Thammuz Jrakh, Dustweed After Herbador, Music,and Religion This one would have been very practical when I was boinking dating Ilottat. It is all about various strategies for how to get the most out of your cley. I'm sure it will say, "Arise at a third of an hour before dawn and use every last cley you have." Every day for the whole term, yet. Addendum: Actually, having gone to the first session, it's not just about that. There are lessons in meditation (which is all to the good) and feather casting -- feather casting! -- which I suppose I should know more about.
An Introduction to Marine Biology Oomer Oolumb lots of cute Orren 1st and 4th of the week, after lunch Some days I amaze myself with my brilliance. Some days I stun myself with my stupidity. I'm not sure which one this is. If I want to meet Orren, why not take a Marine Biology class? ... I can even go on the field trips!
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