Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

First Day Redux [3 Trandary 4262]

So, we had a nice quiet little First Day celebration, under the newly-flowering felonway trees, just the two of us.

Just two days late, too.

I hadn't even meant it to be just the two of us. I'd invited Jinthinia, who appreciated the gesture but had to work and wasn't going to take off her real job if there wasn't some money in the other one. I'd invited Seeks-Thirty-Eggs, who told me to handle it on my own. I'd invited Rhedwy, who was downright rude.

Three charges from The Swift Swift Shadow with the Strong Strong Tail carried a substantial feast of glaceed prens and mushrooms stuffed with spicy insects and crusty pointy tept cakes full of oilfish and a chaffinch pie and other fancy stuff.

Vae showed up instantly, in her usual hideous blossom of the claws of the most terrible of our gods unfolding to reveal her. I'm sure she constantly watches all of Vheshrame Mene outside the city for anything of the least bit of interest to her. Unfortunately, that includes me, and especially on every third day's afternoon.

I gave her the three picnic baskets, and looked away from the inevitable consequence. I prefer to be called "ambassador" rather something more accurate and far less dignified, and I prefer to keep up appearances. Though I suppose that a great many of the court titles, not just mine, are more dignified versions of "whore" in some degree.

Vae wasn't even upset about having to celebrate First Day on Third Day, and with only a single, unqualified prime at that. The only moping that actually happened was that I had forgotten to invite Greenspikes, who (a) is Vae's other prime friend, and (b) is actually a Herethroy and thus a prime qualified to celebrate First Day properly.

Vae:"Oh, that's all fine, Sythyry. The First Day is mostly a prime holiday, truly."

Me:"Well, couldn't anyone celebrate the first day of spring, after three full weeks of winter?"

Vae:"The truly! The pleasure is mine of seeing flowers start to grow, and smell the weasels copulating in the bushes, and all." I cannot smell weasels copulating in the bushes, for which I am exceedingly grateful. "But not much of that happens on the first day of the spring. The third day, yes, and even the second if you look very hard, but not the first, or not without Kennoc spells."

Me:"So this is a better day for you?"

Vae:"The better day for a picnic it is." She turned herself into a medium-sized serpent with gleaming emerald-green-on-slightly-darker-emerald-green scales, which is a sure and absolute sign of some emotional distress or other.

Me:"What's wrong?"

Vae:"Not the better day for First Day it is. The I like Herethroy. Even Sleeth, too. The enemies we are, now and always, but cannot I too be glad that you got created?"

I wish I had any sort of coherent answer for that. I offered her a tept cake by way of response, which was (a) orgasmic, and (b) about as good as anything I could do.

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