Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Half a Year of Ficina [2 Trandary 4262]

It is customary, among the very young, to celebrate half-birthdays as well as birthdays. The exact date doesn't matter very much. For Ficina, it is today.

Actually, Ficina herself didn't have that much to say about the matter.

Not that Ficina is a particularly quiet baby. She is starting to talk. Just Common now, and not very much of it, but it's fearsomely cute. I flew around over her head, and she squeaked "Zeeeeeeee Weeeeeee! Zeeeeeee Weeeeeee! Zeeeeeee Zeeeeeee Zeeeeeee Zeeeeeee Geeeeeeee Geeeeeeee Geeeeeeee!", or something to that effect. I tickled her with wingfeathers, which was greatly appreciated (if appreciation is measured in terms of squealing).

The parents are a bit more quiet.

Thery is happy to neep baby things with me. I have learned of the proper fitting of diapers around big fluffy tails. I have learned of the limited introduction of very mild foods such as blueberries and raw fish to the young Rassimel diet. I have learned of the difficulty of keeping ribbons on the ears of a young and highly squirmy Rassimel. I have learned ... oh, never mind.

That stuff about the diet was the touchy, touchy subject. 'cause Thery isn't really nursing Ficina very much. Levande is still doing most of it. (No, I'm no longer providing them with the right spells; Levande acquired a supply of tincture of Ingretheria ximirosis, which usually induces actual lactation. It worked better on Levande, probably because she'd had all the milky spells.

Some things are best summarized in tabular form:

↓'s opinion Of ➙ Ficina Levande Thery Yarwain
Ficina Waaaaaasssss[sssssimel] Mommeeeeeee! Mammaaaaaaa! Daddeeeeeee!
Levande Delightful! Horrid! Must have her! Rival!
Thery Center of world. Worried that she calls Levande "Mommy" Patron? Rival? Fretful. Spouse!
Yarwain Center of world, but not so much as for Thery. Biggest threat to world. Spouse! Wish she weren't so exhausted so much! So doomed.

And so are we all, Yarwain. So are we all.

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